What Is The Proportions Of Diamond Cut And It Is Important?

The diamond cut plays a very important role in all aspects. The cutting diamond is nothing but how the diamond is cut and polished that also includes well-proportional of stones in its symmetry as well as depth. It does not refer to the shape of the diamond-like peer shape and oval. The diamond cut quality will impact the beauty of diamonds and flashes of brilliance.

 The well-cut and shaped diamonds are reflected and luminous with white, and their colored light back to users’ eyes. The poor cut diamond will reflect dull, and it does not attract the users. There is much difference in diamond cutting, and it greatly impacts the aesthetic appeal, beauty and 

Increases the value of diamonds, the most important and necessary thing is 4cs.

GIA Diamond Cut Grades: 

The GIA diamond cut grade is nothing but is the diamond cutting grades for round diamonds range from poor to excellent. It is based on a number of factors that also includes polish, symmetry, fire and flashes of brilliance, orifice flange. The most brilliant and beauty only consideration is round brilliant diamonds with excellent cuts, it also ensures polish symmetry of diamonds it is either diamond-cut good vs very good.

 It is very important to look at diamond cut grade at the time of purchasing at it should have GIA certification. The important factor in diamond will determine the price and value of the cut quality. There are many elements which involve in the diamond quality cut like facets, proportion, finishing details as well as ability to reflect the light.

 Those characteristics should be whole, with top-notch quality of diamonds in the time of higher returns in higher prices. The clarity and colour will play an important role in all aspects, and the cut is the most needed one 4Cs. Some of the factors which affect the price of diamonds are

  • Symmetrical facets – mirror, 
  • step and window of diamond
  • Proportions – Table, depth, width
  • Fire – dispersion of light
  • Brilliance – the brightness of the light reflection
  • Finishing details – polishing and permanent treatment
  • Scintillation – flashes and sparkles.

The diamond-cut depends upon its design. Therefore, it was measured in the refractive index.

Diamond Cut Grade Chart:

The professional and skilled gemologist will often prefer GIA reviews under magnification to determine their cut grade. Some of the GIA diamond cut grades is 

Excellent Cut Grade:

 The excellent cut grade will provide a top-notch level of fire and brilliance; it is because incoming light is reflected with the table and its radiation with magnificent sparkle.

Very Good:

 The very good diamond will offer exceptional brilliance with fire. There is the large majority of entering light reflects in the diamond tables; the people can watch it with naked eyes and it is very good with sparkling while comparing with excellent grade.


 It shows the diamond sparkle and brilliance with more light-reflecting with the table of the viewer’s eyes. These types of the diamond will provide fabulous beauty at lower costs. The user can pick their diamond according to their wish and budget.