ETSY SEO: What is it and how to improve etsy seo?

SEO is not just for content-based websites, it has spread to eCommerce platforms as well. Your search for a product, for example, “SEO tools”, and you are provided millions of search results by the search engines. The term you type in the search bar is the keyword that prompted the search results. There are thousands of options to try but you will consider the 1st-page results only. To win this race, you need to do SEO of your product pages. Etsy SEO is all you need. If you are meeting their criteria, you should be sure that your product page will rank better.

Every day, the buyers’ figure is increasing at ETSY. So, the sellers need to do hard work to stay at the top results. Here, ETSY SEO will play a role in your product page ranking.

Let’s have a brief overview of Etsy SEO. The platform has its own unique algorithm that is structured to match the buyer’s queries. This goal is achieved in 2 ways;

  1. Query Match (Milestones – Categories, Attributes, Titles, Tags)
  2. Shop Rank

Product Description is important!

The best SEO practices recommended for sellers suggest using a few descriptive tags supporting the category. Moreover, in the description, you need to add tags that highlight the hot features of the product which make it unique. Know your audience and be reminded of them while writing the description. You can use tags like ‘SEO for beginners’, ‘SEO for professionals, etc. If you are uploading a product whose use is also associated with an occasion, then you should use occasion-based tags to the listings. For example, you may add tags like ‘anniversary gift’, ‘new year gift’, etc. Other than this, you can add tags describing the size and shape of the products. For example, you may use tags like ‘Large size belts’, ‘small pan cover’, etc. If your product is a solution to any of the buyer’s problems, you should mention it in the tags. For example, if your product name is ‘insecticide’, you may use tags like ‘kills insects’, etc. Lastly, you also need to define the unique style of the products that will help buyers to know if they are buying the right product they need.

How to improve Etsy seo?

Beginners usually have no idea or least idea about Etsy SEO. They think that uploading a quality product is enough. But, they should realize that your product will not be sold unless someone notices it and buys it. Let’s read how to improve etsy seo using ETSY SEO tools.

ETSY seo tools

There is a wide variety of Etsy tools that you may use to improve the SEO score of your seller profile. Here is the best selection among the top Etsy SEO tools that you may also use.


For product research, listings optimization, and tags analysis, this tool works best among others. It is also a user-friendly tool that is highly compatible with Etsy as well. With the feature ‘product research’, the seller can conduct thorough research on the latest market preferences to select the hot or trending product. The search results can be filtered using parameters like rating, sales, price, and traffic over time.

Another top hit feature of EtsyHunt is free of cost ‘Fee Calculator’. Using this feature, you can easily calculate the Etsy fees. Moreover, you can find the top 500 Etsy shops in the featured section without paying a penny.

Take Away!

SEO is important to rank on search engines whether you run a blogging site or an eCommerce platform. Etsy SEO will surely boost product age rankings and can improve sales percentage over time.


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