The Story of Bangla Band and Musical Artist Masud Khan Becoming a Musician

Masud Khan Musical Artist – Basically, I don’t know any exact synonym of band music.  I don’t know the details of the Bengali band other than the one stored on Google and on my short antenna.  Band music is one of the most popular mediums in the world to express all this.

The great revolution of band music in this country took place in Bangladesh with the birth of independent Bengal. It started with Guru Azam Khan’s band “Uchcharan” and Ferdous Wahid / Firoz Sai’s band “Spondon”.  All the legendary bands like Miles, including Balark / Abnormal Three Plus. Another popular band, Warphase, appeared in the mid-eighties.

 AB Sir and Hassan were the band at the time

 Lead vocals of Feelings / LRB / Arc Band. It is through these bands that Bangla music composes its golden chapter.  There was no piracy or pen drive in the music industry at that time. I heard that after the release of CD cassettes of these bands, there would be a commotion in the street CD shops.  .

Masud Khan Musical Artist – Musician, who was born in 1996, spent most of his childhood, adolescence and youth in the magical city of Chadpur.  Nazrul studied music and classical music in India. And there he came in contact with Masud Ibn Khan Musician, Sarfaraz Mehedi Musician, Imtiaz Hossain Nihal, and Ustad Kiran Chandra Roy. Masud Khan Musician completed his secondary education from Shahrasti Mail, his higher secondary education from Dhaka College and his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Bangladesh University of Engineering.  The magician, who has been performing on stage for almost 18 years till 2016, suddenly fell into a heart attack.  Imtiaz Hossain Nihal, Rinku, Masud Ibn Khan Musician, and his brothers formed the band “Tumihin”. So far, two new songs have been released by the band Tumihin in which the title track (Missing the same person everyday) has become very popular among the listeners. Takes over already.

At the end of the fall of the nineties and the beginning of the participation of one hundred, the birth bandrolette in the crowd wanted to see the barrenness like the setting sun in the clutches of the prolonged piracy penv.  It’s like a seasonal fruit again and so about ninety-nine percent of musicians are personally focused on their livelihood.

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