The journey at a glance Of Entrepreneur Mr. Samrat Biswajit

His company has given him a chance to work with top most national and international clients over the years

The bona fide personality, Mr. Samrat Biswajit is the co-founder, managing director, and content manager of Arc Digitech. He is also an expert digital marketer and PR consultant with a vast experience in SEO. His company has given him a chance to work with top most national and international clients over the years. He in his initial years was always motivated by creative things and innovative minds.

He as a leader recognized the lack of creative and talented independent digital marketing and PR agencies back in year 2013, when he was just a fresher, and understood the importance it holds. He graduated with Bachelor’s in Technology degree and thus always had an upper edge when it came to getting into the technicalities of things. It shaped his career like never before. He has a strong belief that, no person should have to spend extra time or money while searching for quality services.

What worked for Mr. Samrat was having extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field of digital marketing, PR consultancy, and SEO services. His company, Arc Digitech, provides the best digital marketing services from India. Starting from content writing services, search engine optimization, Facebook ad management to content strategy and brand marketing. Services of his company make an integral part of any company’s success and that nearly sums up his visionary aim.

He started the company ‘Arc Digitech Private Limited’ back in 2013 intending to provide affordable and unbundled alternative solutions to high-impact clients. His company provides excellent PR Consultancy services through the PR. Their aim is to provide a creative and secure platform where both the business clients and company professionals can grow and learn.

He worked relentlessly to make the ends meet, being a PR Consultant for Arc Digitech, he got an opportunity to distribute press releases to 500+ leading companies such as USA Today, Reuters, Hindustan Times, and many more in his 8-year long career. One more commendable part is, his company having a separate wing for PR Consultancy and brand building services known as Press Release Wire. His company’s professional press release writing and distribution services make it a valuable source of information.

They are Pune – based and as a leader of Arc Digitech, he ensures that his company is always ready to adapt to the changing marketing scenario. He hopes that there are many more achievements and laurels to unfold in coming years.

The main focus of Mr. Samrat and his company was to help brands get past the hurdles of the tech-savvy world, and that was only possible by his company’s determination to provide high-quality and impactful digital marketing services amidst the escalating pandemic scenario. They are making change in their own way and during such tough times. His hope and passion for creativity in the field of digital marketing and leadership should make a way forward for his company and many others who get inspired by the same.

Mr. Samrat Biswajit and his company ‘Arch Digitech’ have been able to leave their mark in past 8 years of their journey. He masters the art of dealing with national and international clients and knows the ways in which he can soothe their pain points.

As an expert in this field now, he believes that there is still a lot for him to discover every passing day. His prolific aim is to grow the radius of Arc Digitech by fulfilling the needs of every high-impact client. Such visionary and impactful story of Mr. Samrat Biswajit not only leaves footprints behind for others to follow but also creates an aura behind for generations to come. He hopes that he will be able to make that dream and ambition come true. 

source: midday

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