Success Story of Bihari Digital Marketer Vishal Choudhary

23-year-old diligent digital marketer Vishal Choudhary hailing from Kishanganj, a small town in Bihar

The saying of Dustin Lynch goes, “Hardwork always pays off, whatever you do.” This holds true for the 23-year-old diligent digital marketer Vishal Choudhary hailing from Kishanganj, a small town in Bihar. His journey is an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs.

It is noteworthy that today Vishal Choudhary is running his own company which he had established at the age of 22 with the name SBG Digital Inc. This is a great victory for a person with a simple background and difficult living. Currently being the CEO of his company, he is aiming to offer first-class services to all his clients.

Success Story of Vishal Choudhary

Vishal Choudhary’s journey of success had a lot of ups and downs. From an unknown freelancer at the age of 19 to becoming a big hit on social media, it was a tough ride for Vishal.

Though unaware of global business, he jumped into the world of technology. It was never looking back from here for Vishal Choudhary.

There was a time when his economical condition was not so good and he was working for a 2000 Rs job. There were some saddening and depressing days in his life too. On 1st April 2019, Vishal’s huge social traffic was deleted due to some reason. This caused a loss of about 40-50 lakhs to Vishal. At that moment he was highly disappointed and did not want to do any work. But the dedication of Vishal did not allow him to give up. He gathered the courage and learnt from his failure.

Today at the age of 23, Vishal Choudhary has built phenomenal traffic of over 40 million on Facebook and Instagram. He also owns many well-known pages of Facebook and runs the social media accounts of many eminent personalities from various fields including politics, sports, entertainment, business world, fashion and more.

Creating his own identity among crores of people, Vishal Choudhary has proved that anything is possible with determination and perseverance.

At his age, many youngsters are perplexed about which profession to take up or they prefer a 9 to 7 job. On the other hand, Vishal Choudhary had extraordinary dreams, which helped him in earning more than what people at his age strive to earn.

The secret behind his success is, he took the setbacks positively and kept on moving no matter what the roadblocks were.

Vishal Choudhary believes that with strong willpower you can make your dreams come true. His aim in life is to assist people in the best possible way. For his success, Vishal gives credit to his parents and especially his brother who supported him at every stage of his life.

Budding entrepreneurs can take the example of Vishal Choudhary and bring positive changes in the digital world.

source: midday

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