Shilpi Kalwani Indian motivational speaker, author and columnist

Shilpi Kalwani (born 15th February 1991) is an Indian motivational speaker, author, and columnist. She holds the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) by educational qualification. Shilpi was born in Bilaspur, Chhatisgarh. She completed her schooling in Bilaspur. She was passionate about public speaking from her school days and participated in events at school that gave her the opportunity to be on stage. She represented her school in a national-level seminar conducted by Astronaut Sunita Williams in 2008.

Shilpi has been an academically bright scholar. She was leading various social initiatives and was associated with the National Service Scheme (NSS) by the University of Pune in 2009. She won the IBSAF Top 10 SIP Excellence Award and Scholarship at IBS Hyderabad in 2012. She published her first e-book titled “How to screw up your 20’s?’ in 2016. Her first poetry book ‘shilpkala’ is about to be published soon. The book is a collection of soulful poetry in Hindi and Urdu.

Her passion for motivational speaking guided her towards the TEDx platform. Shilpi delivered her first TEDx talk at TEDx Pandri in 2018. Her first TEDx talk was about ‘Meraki’. Meraki stands for putting your heart and soul into anything you do. It talks about devoting every bit of your existence to your passion. The talk was received graciously by the audience. She delivered her second TEDx talk at TEDx Youth @AUS in 2019. As it was a youth-oriented conference, the talk on mindfulness and mindful living was well appreciated.

The importance of accommodating mindfulness into a day-to-day routine was the theme of this talk. She delivered her third TED talk at TEDx Youth@AUS in 2019. The third talk was about Svadhyay. Svadhyay refers to an analysis of the self. The talk focussed on the study of self as an important tool towards self-growth. She has delivered three TEDx talks at TEDx Pandri, TEDx Youth@AUS, and TEDx Youth@VSA. Shilpi Kalwani is a known name when it comes to public speaking. All her TED talks deliver a message of moving away from the outer chaos towards inner peace and understanding of self.

Her vision and mission in life is something to ponder upon. She believes that success is not just a parameter of one’s professional and personal accomplishments but of the ultimate goal of fulfilment, happiness and quality of life. Living each day with awakened conscience can lead us towards a more fulfilled and meaningful life.


To touch as many lives as possible with the intention of growing together towards the ultimate purpose of attaining happiness, balance and enlightenment.


Helping people make consistent day to day conscious changes and improvements towards an ultimate goal of growth and success.

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