Rishi Dubey shared mission and vision regarding Political PR Strategies

Rishi Dubey is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PR BABA, the organization which sets strategies for the political parties in the forthcoming elections. Rishi Dubey is himself a political strategist, poll advisor and a very efficient Political campaign advisor who is known for his analysis of political campaigns. He specializes in discovering different prospects of the electorate as a strategy in the Political Arena. Rishi Dubey’s PR BABA deals with Political PR, Political Campaigning, Political Research, Political Marketing, Political Management, Environment Mapping etc. all related to Political Contexts and Processes.

He has coordinated several election campaigns including the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, 2017 Punjab Assembly elections, 2017 Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections, the massive General elections of 2019, 2020 Delhi Assembly elections that happened amid the Shaheen Bagh protests against Citizenship Amendment Act and the Bar Council Elections of 2021. Rishi Dubey as a political strategist keeps a vast understanding of the impact of public relations and digital/social media campaigns in connecting, engaging and advocating with their target audience and the politicians who hire PR professionals for an efficient strategy building.

Nowadays, Public relations has been inclined on technology-driven strategy as an efficient measure to develop a strategy. The main purpose behind it is to inform and educate the voters about the profile of the Politician/Political Party. The foremost target of the PR strategy of a particular Politician is to show the audience how people-centric the Politician/Political Party is that may require organizing conferences, political debates and relevant organizational conventions. PR agencies must know that their clients always come first and guiding them technically throughout the election campaign is their job. While assessing the target electorate based on different criterion like culture, demography, ideology one can strategise how to represent the clients effectively and efficiently with full confidence in their PR strategies. In essence, the General elections of 2014 which led to a massive win of Bhartiya Janata Party had a PR machinery behind which succeeded in propagating the narrative of “Brand Modi”.

Mr Rishi Dubey states that his organisation has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of candidates and leaders of political parties approaching them for surveys and strategies for their election campaigns. “In 2017 & 2020 Punjab and Delhi Assembly elections we strategically and successfully managed the PR campaigns of several MLA Candidates and Political Parties digitally as well as on ground. In the upcoming Assembly elections of different states we have again bagged various contracts from the candidates and political parties on which we are at present working very enthusiastically and professionally” said Mr Rishi Dubey, Co-founder and CEO, PR BABA Private Limited.

Source: Deccanherald

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