Multimillionaire Blogger Sujoy Dhar life journey

However, the same logic does not apply to blogger Sujoy Dhar, who has helped many bloggers like him learn how to master the art and earn money. Yes, the Kolkata-based blogger is super successful, humble, hard-working and helpful, all wrapped up into one. And the fruits of his labour are him earning billions of dollars a month. 

“Never leave anything in your life as valueless, because every item is valuable but needs time to realize the value,” says Sujoy Dhar, who is not just a blogger but also owns an IT firm specializing in rendering services like Cpanel Server Administration, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Blogging, Backlink Builder, Optimizer and his recent development Facebook Multiposter. 

Sujoy Dhar is indeed a name to be reckoned with in the IT and blogging sector. Sujoy’s blog provides readers with some easy to understand and uncomplicated solutions to his readers, making IT a lot easier for the layman. Did you know that Sujoy is also a self-taught blogger who chose to start blogging in 2009 because he wanted to and did not attend any course for the same? Sujoy’s success story is all about hunger for information and also the desire to keep imparting all that knowledge and not keep it to himself.

If you are expecting to read a sad story behind Sujoy’s success, there isn’t one. All Sujoy had were dreams, and he was one of the many who was fortunate enough to not have a financially testing background. Sujoy’s goal was not to stop the learning process and continue to succeed in life, and that’s exactly what he seems to be doing. Good Going Sujoy… we only hope many more are not content and get stagnant with what knowledge they possess and continue to grow… like you do!


Rohit Mehta is an Indian Blogger-cum-Journalist, Author and Entrepreneur. He have been in digital marketing & IT sector for over 10 years, running his own digital agency, working for thousands of clients and projects.