Know How to Transform Start-up to a Victory : Ravi Rajapaksha

Digital marketing has opened up new opportunities for success for businesses and allowed entrepreneurs to build up effortlessly in the digital world. Ravi Rajapaksha is one such personality who took advantage of this. Presently he is a well-known entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, Instagram strategist and CEO of Nextenco who has marked new dimensions in the world of business. 

Ravi Rajapaksha is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing. Nextenco, which is a PR help business is his innovation where Entrepreneurs, Influencers can grow their online presence by getting them published on Forbes, Yahoo, Business insider, London Daily Post, IBT, FOX, CBS, NBC, and many more international premium news media. Nextenco is started to facilitate businesses and brands to generate media publications that will upraise their status and the good name of the business. It will especially help for the small-scale business needs, everything from creating a meaningful story and writing press releases, to setting up interviews and generating media opportunities.
Ravi Rajapaksha stated that “Social media platforms like Instagram could convert to money-making platforms through various methods”. Moreover, he is one such outstanding figure who has gained profits through Instagram. It is evident that the Ravi has worldwide audience and various types of clients such as micro influencers, entrepreneurs and small business owners as followers on Instagram.  He also works with different individuals and companies as a productive brand-builder and marketer to build brands and get featured on social media. Lately, he became an Instagram travel influencer and decided to go into business for himself in the Instagram digital marketing room. In this way, Rajapaksha has become an icon through Instagram. Ravi Rajapaksha’s next intention was to share his knowledge and experience to aid small businesses to gain profits on Instagram. Ravi has highlighted that he will support Instagram micro-influencers to increase Instagram marketing and profiting.

 “How to gain profits on Instagram for small business” is a self-guidebook compiled by Ravi Rajapaksha, that has included all the details on how to conduct a small-scale business on Instagram by yourself and how to create attractive content for Instagram. In there, Ravi Rajapaksha has further described some strategies for small businesses to make money on Instagram and to increase followers and engagement on it. Ravi Rajapaksha finally stated that “you only need to do small things to make the content attractive. Simply use hashtags to encourage engagement of the content and introduce new followers to your brand. And the location feature adds a much higher engagement rate to your post than others. Meanwhile, captions on your posts give you a chance to add context and meaning to your photographs. If you are succeeded in doing this your journey on Instagram will be unstoppable”.  

Source: Deccan Herald

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