Glancy Rego Candidly Speaks About Setting Her Threshold In The Fashion Industry

She loves travelling and thought of capturing whatever location she went. Glancy Rego came into the vlogging genre and presently also does travel vlogs.

Her journey started around 2 to 3 years back when she entered the industry as a model. She was very much into fashion, styling, etc., and these kinds of things interested her a lot. Glancy Rego was very successful as a model, but there was something that she wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t. She was very keen and passionate to become an influencer and was resisting to start due to some reasons. But, last year, she just thought of going for it and no caring much. Since then, her journey has been a great one!

 She loves travelling and thought of capturing whatever location she went. Glancy Rego came into the vlogging genre and presently also does travel vlogs. She loves to show the places around and tell the audience about the beauty of those places. She promotes those places which are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. She loves to spend time travelling and exploring new places and different cultures. As every country or city has its own respective cultures, Glancy Rego tries to capture those and tries her best to show the audience the most out of it and let the audience know about the cultures and traditions people follow in different parts of the world.

 Apart from this, she is also into the fashion industry and knows a lot about it. Glancy tries her best to inform people about the latest trends and influence them about the latest fashion styles and beauty. It is her passion, and she loves to be updated about the industry. She can be called an “expert” in the industry because she has influenced many people to get into this field and make the most out of it.

 Glancy Rego has also worked with a lot of brands which include Olay, Myntra, Maybelline, Daniel Wellington, Lotus Beverages, Baggit, Divine Nutrition by Sahil Khan, Wow Skin Science, etc. These are just some of the brands for which she has worked. Looking at her experience, Rego has had the opportunity to meet the top shots of the industry and have a word with them about the situation of the industry in our country. Many elite brands approach her for collaborations as she is a well-known name in the industry. She has gained all the respect and fame with her hard work and dedication and urges all other women to do the same.

 She believes that women can do anything, and there can be no excuses if you are passionate about something. She wants every woman to take her stand and do whatever they like to do. No one can tell a woman if they are capable enough to do something or not; every woman should first be capable enough to shut the mouths of those who think women cannot do certain things. Glancy Rego genuinely thinks that it is time for women to take charge to be focused on whatever field they are working.

To know more about her, follow her on Instagram: @officialglancyrego

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