Entrepreneur Manish Chandra Journey

The adversity COVID-19 brought with it has not only affected the medical conditions of the country but has also been catastrophic for the overall economy, bringing the development to a halt. With the lives slowly turning back to normal, one can witness the economy growing up too. But, at the times when everything was shut behind doors, they were individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset who took the torch to tread on a path that will help the country rise from the pitfalls.

Among these ingenious minds stood Manish Chandra, a Patna-based techpreneur, who in 2015 launched his endeavor named Railrestro hygienic food for the railway passengers. With advancing technologies, he amalgamated processes that enabled customers to order a variety of delicacies online while they enjoyed the view from their train windows.

When anyone travels via a train, the first and foremost thought which crosses the mind is if the food being provided is safe or not. People have this perception that the food prepared for rail passengers is never clean and made in surroundings that make it unfit for consumption. Solving this dilemma, and bringing the highest quality of food standards on the rail tracks, Manish Chandra incepted this idea of offering e-catering services in the train via RailRestro. The lack of good food always strained Manish, and hence he channelized his entrepreneurial stint and came up with an idea, that has in 6 years confederated with over 450 railway stations and has served over 30 lakh meals to date. Holding a partnership with over 2000 restaurants across the country, they have already delivered meals in more than 7000 trains.

During the raging pandemic, when the world was permitted to get back on track, RailRestro with its effective and hygienic methodologies brought forth robust solutions to help elevate the country’s economy. Redefining dining while traveling, they ensured that their e-catering services offer a variety of delicacies to enjoy while keeping a strict check on following all COVID guidelines and standards of hygiene. Mandating stringent food quality and hygiene guidelines, they work only after getting approval from FSSAI. From finger-licking North Indian and South Indian delicacies to mouth-watering Chinese foods, RailRestro has a menu that can be customized as per your preference.

Gone are the days when chai, bread pakora, and samosa were the only food items that defined your travel meal. With RailRestro in place, you can get a complete diet while traveling on the wheels. All you have to do is log in to this AI-enabled application and enjoy the facets of technology as it lets you bring your favorite cuisine to the door of your coach.

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