Darshan Patil- A Musician with great thoughts

Darshan Patil is a Musician, Artist, Junior Journalist, and the youngest news editor on the internet. He has been working in this industry for 2 years. He is the founder of Factdarshan Times

Apart from music and journalism Darshan Patil also takes part in politics and debates. Darshan Patil has released the latest existing song of the Nationalist Congress Party named “Rashtrawadi Punha”, He testified on social media that he will be bringing and releasing all the known unknown unreleased songs on the streaming platforms.

Darshan Patil says to manage the all fields properly we should have the proper time management. Along with this Darshan refers to the deep study of each and every field that makes him take control over easy and hard things at a time.

Darshan Vikas Patil is the son of Mr.Vikas Santosh Patil, who is the corporator and taluka president of the Nationalist Congress Party. This is the thing he has an interest in the political field. Making relations and meeting with the respected peoples from the party made darshan patil reputed at such an early age.

Now he is growing vast, apart from his studies he is the Journalism and music maestro now!

Post Disclaimer : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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