Abhishek Salvi – the Digital Artist and Illustrator

Way to go Abhishek Salvi, a 26 year old Digital Artist and Illustrator has a lot that can motivate us. His love for art, his love for his skills and most of all his belief in himself and his art.

He is into portrait art for past 10 year, i.e since he was in his school. Continuing the same for so long and getting recognised for the same is something which is greatly inspiring.

Loosing his father at young age of 17 and than going through the same break down 4 years later with sudden death of his elder brother, it has always been a hard life for him. He dropped out of his college when he was in 3rd year as he had to earn and provide for home, as he was the only one to take care of his mother.

He has always believed in his art, through all the collapses he faced and fought. He is always thankful to his friend’s, they always had his back through all of it.

Abhishek says, “My belief in my art is only reason I feel, I am still able to survive with all my complicated and troubled situations. I still sometimes loose my hope when things get too hard to handle, as I have no family to go to when I need someone to hold me or guide me. But then I push myself and I just try putting all my energy and heart in my work. It is meditation for me. It is everything to me.”

He knew that his love for art will only be his support. He was struggling but was also happy as he loved it and believed in it, he never saw back. He used his skills of pencil realistic art and moved to Digital medium. He has created artworks for 1200+ of his clients, celebrities and politicians as a freelancer. He wants to make it big soon.

His artworks have been appreciated by celebrities like Tom Felton, Amanda cerny, Vin Diesel, Hardik Pandya, Sonu Sood, Kapil Sharma and many more.

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