Aarna Wadhawan is impacting thousands of lives at a very young age

There is much going on globally, from climate change to poverty to human rights breaches to economic, racial, and gender disparities. Facing these problems, young people worldwide appear to be compelled to act and combat global concerns. One among such is Aarna Wadhawan, a student of the 8th class who is an environmentalist, a social activist, and a Brand Ambassador of HoverRobotix Hoverboards India.

Environmentalists have had a significant impact throughout history, not only on natural environments but also on our personal lives. Environmentalists are the architects of public lands, the thinkers behind regenerative agriculture, the authors of essential literature, and the spokespeople for people, wildlife, and centuries-old trees.

A gem working for the environment

This young environmentalist has immense love for nature as she feels that there is something special about being among trees. Besides helping us breathe, being around trees may improve our health in other ways, too.

Being an enthusiastic person towards nature, she has volunteered for the Environment project by Plantation with I CAN FOUNDATION, INDIA. And also wrote many articles to save the environment and got featured for her social work in prestigious publications & channels.

For her notable contribution to society, she has been recognised by Padmashri Jadav Payeng. The Padma Shri awardee appreciated her social work initiatives and her drive of planting trees and reducing pollution.

Talking about her inspiration, Aarna says, “I keep exploring things with my mom. She is an inspiration to me. I have intended to become an Environmentalist and a social activist like her and participated in many such initiatives like plantation drives, food distribution for needy people and visiting old-age homes to help them.”

It is amazing to see such a young mind being appointed to the position of Brand Ambassador of HoverRobotix Hoverboards India. HoverRobotix presents you a treasure trove of fascinating artificially intelligent hoverboards, Robotrons, and mobility-bots that give everyday commuting a new twist. HoverRobotix is the No. 1 brand in India and the top five globally, as the only manufacturer of hoverboards on the Indian Peninsula.

Accolades in her bag

This animal lover has been recently appreciated and awarded by Honorable Mayor Anamika Mithilesh Singh (BJP) of South Delhi; for her humanitarian work initiatives, and the following news was featured on “Samachaar 24 Plus” Channel.

Young talented champ, Aarna has also been awarded the ‘Kind Student Award by PETA India 2021’, ‘Keynote Speaker – Indo Canadian Student Mentoring Summit 2021’ at ICACI – Canada, First position at ‘Alternate Hand Wall Toss Tournament’ at Bharat House & many more.

Having a keen interest in writing, currently, she is contributing to a book with 50+ authors from across the Globe for Scholar’s Book of World Record. Also, she has participated in the essay competition at Royal society commonwealth & Poem Writing and Recitation at earth day activity.

Due to her extensive contribution to society, she has been featured in various magazines, newspapers & channels, conveying her story and dedication to uplift the environment with her small social work like planting trees or feeding stray animals.

One should be proud of her and take inspiration from her so that everyone can contribute to society in whichever way they can. As the saying goes, a modest contribution can make a huge difference. Similarly, Aarna is impacting thousands of lives at a very young age with her contribution to society.

Source: Outlook India

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