A Successful Music Producer – Atul Kishan Sharma

Atul Kishan Sharma from Faridabad, Haryana, is a popular music icon in India. Sharma’s journey is highly inspiring, from being a successful YouTuber to an entrepreneur and a fantastic music producer. He is a hardcore music lover who wants to present people with unique and memorable songs. 

If you look back at Atul Kishan Sharma’s journey, you will be encouraged to work on your dreams. At the age of 17, Sharma started Kishan Events, one of Haryana’s most prominent event organisations. Kishan Events is the company that has gifted us incredible talents in the music industry like Akki Kalyan, Sumit Goswami, Pranjal Dahiya, YC Gujjar and Shiva Pandit. 

As a music producer, Atul Kishan Sharma has worked with popular names from the entertainment industry like Karan Shembi, Parmish Verma and well-known YouTubers, namely Half Engineer, Pradeep Khera, Jatin Sharma and many others. He says, “As a music producer, I invest in songs which I can enjoy listening as a music fan. If a song clicks my mind easily, I know people will also instantly fall in love with it.”

Successful music producer Atul Kishan Sharma has given some superhit songs like Do Ghoont and Aukaat Mein, which have more than 6 lakh and 2.5 lakh views. His latest release, called I Love You, has made people go crazy with its catchy tune. In just a few days, the song has crossed lakhs of views online. 

Atul Kishan Sharma is the epitome of hard work, honesty and success. Whether it was running a YouTube channel, being an entrepreneur or a music producer, he gives his best in everything. Without any godfather in the industry, Sharma has made a mark for himself in the entertainment industry. It has been six years since he started his journey of accomplishments, and he is unstoppable. Sharma wants to produce more such musical gems that his fans will enjoy.

source: Deccan Herald


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