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To define what SERP scraping is, let us first take a look at the meaning of SERP. SERP or search engine results pages are the web pages returned to you when you search a key word or phrase in search engines. What is shown to you when you search a phrase in Google? That is SERP! Each page of SERPs contains 10 websites with relevant information to your search.

SERP scraping is the process of data extraction and information mining and harvesting from Google and other search engines. Automatic SERP and web scraping lets the users to collect any kind of data they need for their websites, applications and software in real time with no restriction and block.

Unlike automatic SERP scraping, manual web scraping brings block and limitations for you. After a few numbers of searches, Google, Yahoo or other search engines block you! Moreover this process is very time consuming and not affordable. You can use your time for many other important tasks rather than manual SERP scraping.

What tools do you use for SERP scraping?

My recommendation is All-SERP SERP scraper through which bloggers, SEO specialists, data miners, webmasters, content writers and many other people in search of data for their websites and applications can extract data in real time, with no latency and fast.

What I like in All-SERP is not only the matter of speed. Moreover it gives me clean, fresh and structured data which is accurate, real and reliable. It solves all kinds of Captchas automatically. Also it handles proxies professionally. The results can be based on country and language. It supports different programing languages like Python and Java. 

In addition to Google, All-SERP SERP APIs cover the significant search engines like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Ask too. However Google SERP APIs of All-SERP are the most used tools as Google is the main search engine of the world used by millions of people.

All-SERP has a powerful Google image search API, Google video search API, Google maps search API, Google shopping search API, Google ads search API, Google SERP position API, Google local search API, Google knowledge graph search API, and so on.

For instance Google image and video SERP APIs of All-SERP extracts all types of images and videos stored in Google based on the key word that the user chooses. Google map search API also extracts locations and routes. The data related to shopping like prices and products’ information are extracted by Google shopping search API of All-SERP.

Google SERP position API of All-SERP is used to track the position of websites which also is known as SERP tracker. If as a SEO specialist you need to know the position of your competitors’ website, it’s time to apply All-SERP!

The data saved in knowledge graphs of Google about companies can be extracted by Google knowledge graph SERP API of All-SERP while Google local search API provides the information of companies related to your location.

It is worth mentioning that all these tools are available for other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask and DuckDuckGo too.

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