Best 9 Tips to know before Developing a Mobile App

Mobile applications are popular and are mostly found in smartphones. Smartphones also have built-in applications that provide best features to their target mobile users

The following are best 9 tips to know before you start making a mobile app :-

Dive into Intricate Market Research

It is a protocol to have enough information on the status of the market before launching a product or a service. One simply cannot have a high chances of selling their product, especially if the product does not match ongoing trend, appeal to a target audience -as target audiences gradually become the core long-term buyers, insufficient media coverage and marketing and many more intricate sub- stages of presenting the product into the global market.

The first step of launching a new product into the market, is gathering data and information on the present app development scenario. You will get to find and know the strategies of your competitors – their annual performance and the services they provide, who their target audience is, their strength and weakness etc.

Gathering information also allows you to prevent taking obvious risks and mistakes by observing competitors. Additionally, since most researchers avoid studying the customer reviews, they miss an important chunk of feedback and responses. This is crucial as to know how many customers liked the product and how many disliked them, basically, figuring out the demands and fulfilling them.

Choose A Target Audience

Having adequate time and resources to gather a susceptible amount of audience is another important step before launching a new product. Defining a target audience means that you can identify their demands for a long time, knowing your target audience enables the developers to improve the development of your mobile app.

There are certain questions that often needs to be answered : –

●     Who is going to use the application?

●     In what way is the application useful to the users?

Right, now if you manage to launch a mobile application that exceeds the expectations of the target customers then it can grow popular to other sectors of target customers hence, improving your company’s growth and performance. However, if it reaches to a point where customers’ expectations are not fulfilled by the margin, the mobile application loses its appeal and in some cases, becomes a huge loss.

Choosing a target audience whose demands  can be catered and managed is important, as their responses easily affect the growth and popularity of the app.

Focus on Quality

People from any part of the world would say that they prefer a quality product rather than the opposites, this is indeed true because nowadays, customers tend to spend their time and money on things that are up to their standards of living.

As for the efficiency part of the process, in smartphones data storage is a sacred space for apps and media to be stored at. Since users are given a limited space of storage, click for more info for an app that has high size is less likely to be chosen unless it’s really adored by the user.

Hence, try to manage the size of the mobile application so as to not make it too big in size, neither too small as it may oppose its features.

Present A Fresh Product

People tend to get bored easily and opts to move on to the next big thing, no wonder the term content explosion is used these days. Content explosion is the overwhelming amount of content on media platforms that aim to inform and entertain viewers on a daily basis.

As mobile applications are found in vast collections sub-categorised by genres, different products and services grab more attention. Users mostly seek out these new and fresh application out of curiosity and want to be entertained, so these kinds of content tend to stand out more.

Avoid Prolonged Loading

After waiting a few minutes for the installation of a mobile application, we usually expect to get started with the app’s features and functions. When this anticipation is interrupted by malfunctions or prolonged loading, a majority of users get annoyed and immediately uninstall the mobile application and even if some users wait for the application to start the chances of going back to it is low due to its time consuming glitch.

If you have an idea and concept of the application but you do not possess appropriate knowledge and skills on developing the mobile application, then it is recommended to leading it recruitment agencies in dubai so that these minor issues can be dealt with easier.

A prolonged load creates a bad first impression to users, especially, if the developing company is not well known. This pushes them further down into the list of companies.

Set Reasonable Price

We judge a product or service based on the quality and quantity we experience. The quality factor includes the authenticity of materials, features and designs whereas the quantity factor depends on the amount of products, it’s prices and additional features.

As for mobile applications, setting a overestimated price on it usually means that the UI Design and features are up to a certain standard, if this standards are not met then it leads to poor customer service and satisfaction.

So, ensure that the quality and quantity of your mobile application is worth the price you set it on, putting it up on the market at an underestimated price usually brings the company lower profits but more users. Depending on how fun and interest I’ve the app is on the customer’s point of view.

Stand by a Specific Platform

Going for a tactical plan such as ‘divide and conquer’ works here, but the only twist in this version of  divide and conquer is that initially, you should focus on being the topmost player in one platform.

Being the master of one platform opens up more opportunities to spread the influence of your application, this can be a rather slow process if you started off with uploading your mobile application in each platform. Making a mark in one place brings more benefit than making several other marks with low visibility.

But there are some mobile applications that has been made available in multiple platforms and has been successfully at doing so but, the chances of getting this good of a deal is slim for a majority.

Plan out a Proper Marketing Strategy

We know that after developing a product, the next step is to make it known and available in the market. Recognising your target customers come in as a handy perk when it comes to marketing because you can implement marketing strategies according to their tastes and opinion.

Planning is an essential process anywhere you go, it is a prominent skill in all sectors of work. Thus, hiring top marketing professionals for launching new products is highly recommended. They use the best marketing tips and practices to promote their products mainstream.

Conclude with Tests

Launching an official mobile application is a big step, there should not be any mistakes or malfunctions during its release. So, making sure each component in the application works and is efficient to suit the target audience, conclude the developmental process of your new application by running through tests.

Testing your application is the final step of production, hire application testers or you can even hire app developer to do the complete procedural scan and check of the application.


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