Talixo Clone Taxi & Limo Booking App – Offer a Safe & Comfortable Ride for Your Germany Users

German on demand taxi industry has started to understand the importance of on demand apps. The metro cities might not have a significant number of apps but slowly and steadily it is rising considering the digitalization and the automation wave. On demand industry is growing in leaps and bound and it is no surprise that the taxi booking and riding business tops the list.

If you are looking to develop an on demand taxi and limo booking app in Germany, you are on the right page. Taxi and limo booking in Germany is a normal daily event. Approximately 5 million customers from Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Munich, Hamburg are using the on demand taxi and limo booking app for their traveling needs. The numbers are on the rise which is predicted to cross 8 million by 2023. Seeing the lucrative profits the app owners are enjoying, we have given you ample reasons to develop a Talixo clone taxi and limo booking app for the Germany location.

About Talixo Clone Taxi & Limo Booking App

The Talixo clone app is inspired by the “Talixo” taxi and limo booking app that has made a huge benchmark in the transportation industry of Germany. The app is widely used by the users of Germany, fulfilling their traveling needs.

The Talixo clone script has a similar working pattern, offering to book individual, as well as corporate rides. The app offers rides at economical fares so that users can afford and enjoy the luxurious limo rides. The app connects you with the drivers ensuring you a safe, smooth ride to the destination.

The reason to make a similar taxi and limo booking app because Talixo is already a successful business model. People are used to using the app thus, they can easily relate when you launch a similar functioning app. Therefore, making it easy for you to launch on demand taxi booking riding business in Germany.

Making Your Talixo Clone App Unique

Your taxi and limo booking app will have similar look, layout, functioning, etc. But, what makes you stand out from the taxi booking apps? Having the same features won’t give you a greater profit margin and customer base. Provide your users those amenities that they are unable to find in other apps, this includes:

Quick registration

Make the registration process quick, maximum within 3 steps. Allow your users to download and register using their social media accounts

Simple booking

Know that your users are not “techie”, make sure that you have simple to understand navigation so that they easily understand the steps and get the ride book in a minute.

Outstation bookings

This is a rare feature not many apps will have especially the local apps. Have integrated your app with this feature to increase the ride bookings

Cheap fares

Provide your users with economic fares, you can pitch them “happy hours” book rides, or half the price for senior citizen, low fares when the users are riding to hospitals/shop daily essentials/pharmacy during COVID

Choose vehicles

The more variety you display in the fleet of vehicles, the app will witness increased bookings. People love to ride in luxurious cars especially limos and what can be the better way to make them happy?

In-app chat support

Learn what your users have to share; in-app chat facility will help connect your users with you through the admin dashboard. They get to speak about their experience, their expectations and queries, and concern. Taking necessary actions to resolve their issues can boost brand visibility.

Live to track

It allows the user to track the driver, knowing the estimated reaching time. On the other way round, the GPS tracking location helps the driver in knowing the roadblocks and jams to get the easy route.

Payment option

Having integrated your app with multiple payment options will give your users the flexibility to pay for the fares. The secured payment gateway ensures that the financial data is safe and your users can peacefully make the payments accordingly.


This helps improve your app visibility and ranking on the search engines. Working and improving on the app issues, user-related issues, and making it more user-centric can take your business to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have known the advantages of building a Talixo clone limo booking app in Germany, all you need to do is look for a white-label app development company. When choosing a mobile app development company, know their portfolio, niche expertise in developing different types of apps, years of experience, and successful launch of on demand apps. Take the live demo of the Talixo clone app so that you know how it performs and based on that you can make changes within your app. Additionally, the clone script is built on a scalable technology that lets you customize the features and modify them accordingly suiting your future business needs.

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