Seven Google Ads Mistakes That Can Impact Conversions

You are probably well aware of most elements in Google Ads (AdWords) dashboard. But do you know all those sneaky ads settings that can negatively impact campaign results? As Google Adwords Company, we wish to highlight the following mistakes that slowly pile on one another to turn into account killers.

Avoid using phrases with unclear meaning

Don’t make the mistake of starting the game with vague keywords. Such words may allure clickers, but visitors probably won’t be interested in your products or services.

Vague phrases may also attract individuals who browse the internet for leisure. Spending your advertising budget on such traffic won’t yield any results.

Select search terms carefully after conducting thorough research. It goes without saying that keywords should relate to your products, services, or brand.

Business owners or entrepreneurs often end up selecting phrases that they think prospects may use as search terms. That’s where they go wrong. There is no shortcut to conducting proper research. Even something as basic as Google Keyword Planner can be of great help.

Instead of a broad match, choose the right match. General match phrases can lead to an increase in the CPA and bring irrelevant traffic. Go for long-tail terms wherever possible.

It is always recommended to outsource the task to Google Adwords Management Services firm for high-quality conversions.

Uncheck the display network option

The Google Ads platform consists of the display network (DN) and the search network (SN).

While planning a campaign, you have the option to choose between the two or both.

Lead generation is the crucial goal for most search campaigns. Thus, SN is the appropriate option.

On the other hand, the conversion rate for DN is notoriously less. You might end up with a high cost per acquisition if you select DN.

What’s the difference?

Marketers targeting keywords would want their ads to appear in Google search and other search partner platforms only. However, if you select the display network, your ads will be placed by Google on relevant websites besides search results. Most importantly, rather than people actively searching for you, Google will display ads to irrelevant audiences.

Put simply, your DN ads may prove to be a waste of money as you won’t get relevant traffic crucial for conversion. Thus, uncheck the display network and default search partners option while setting your ads campaign.

Ignoring geotargeting

You want your ads to reach the right people. Digital advertising and Google’s rich features allow you to do that. You can even target audiences living in specific geographic regions.

An option under the Locations tab helps you choose targeting based on Zip code, county, district, DMA, state, province, or country.

There is another sub-menu, “Location Options,” under the Locations tab on the Google Ads dashboard. Here, ensure you choose the “presence” option. Google keeps “presence or interest” as the default option.

The default way allows Google to show your ads even to individuals interested in geographical locations you choose to target customers within. Interest-based targeting can drag down your ad campaign’s performance.

Ignoring negative keywords

Vague keywords can prove financially disastrous.

When it comes to saving money on Google Ads, experts always highlight the significance of creating a negative keywords list.

Online tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest can help you create the list. You can update the same based on search phrases reports every week.

A negative keywords list can help ensure your ads attract qualified leads, leading to better chances of conversion. These keywords drive up your overall campaign cost.

You can also find negative phrases under Search Terms, one of the options in the Keywords tab. Check the terms that are not relevant for your business and add them to the list of negative phrases.

The list should contain at least 50 negative search phrases.

Not using the conversion tracking tool

You certainly wish to keep track of email sign-ups, downloads, sales, and leads that your campaign generates. Thankfully, the Google Conversion Tracking tool enables you to do so.

Click on Tools and Analysis; then a drop-down menu will appear. You need to select the Conversions option. Once on the All Conversions page, click on the +Conversion alternative.

Setting up the tool involves simple steps. Generate an HTML code from Google Ads and paste the same on your website page that consumers visit post completing the conversion process.

In the absence of conversion tracking, there is no way to understand the cost you incurred for each sale or lead resulting due to the campaign.

Using automatic CPC pricing

It is crucial to plan the CPC price you intend to pay for selected keywords part of your Google Ads strategy.

Choosing automatic CPC, which also happens to be the default option, can be disastrous.

The default option automatically bids more than the average rate offered by other users for the same keyword. And this leads to more spending even when there’s no need to do so.

On the other hand, selecting CPC limitations enables users to control the spending and reach more clickers. You can always change, raise the amount anytime in case if the competition requires doing so.

Ignoring the advertisement position

The “Ad Preview and Diagnosis” option allows users to check where the ad would appear in the search result for selected phrases. You can adjust your CPC until the ad is in the desired position.

Why adjust? Isn’t the top position always better?

Every campaign’s goal might be different. You can drive conversions and save money simultaneously by being between the third to fifth positions. Why go for expensive ads when cheaper ones can offer better results.

Let’s take a look at other Adwords mistakes at a glance:

  • Creating ad groups with more than 20 phrases per group
  • Not including branded keywords in the strategy
  • Ignoring Google advertising extension set
  • Misspelling keywords
  • Ignoring remarketing campaign
  • Not testing landing pages

On the endnote:

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