Raash Pabri made his first move in music industry with “Unrealstic” connecting people through his Music

Raash Pabri born in Jaipur, Rajasthan who is a music producer and musician who produce’s all varities of music. He has released popular song like unrealistic which globally has 300k+ streams on Spotify with thousands of listeners. Raash Pabri has acquired immense audience in a short span of time. He is loved by audience worldwide. His wide fan base covers UK, India, Usa and other countries too. Each track is unique in itself and gives audience a soothing feeling to the listeners.

One of his earlier song unrealistic have gained streaming of over 300k+ streams across all platforms. It is featured in more than 20 playlists around the world. He is well set on the path of growth. Looking at his passion, his parents supported him to his beautiful journey towards musician. Raash mainly Lofi, Rock, Trap , EDM with almost every form of music, he collaborated with other artist and worked with them for songs.

Up-coming artist who stepped into the world of music just two months ago has already become a phenomenal success. Raash Pabri has established a huge success record with his single Unrealistic. The young artist talks about how he creates his music and says, it depends on how he feels like. This 21-year-old artist is working on more releases for Spotify, Apple Music and on many more platforms. What started as making small-time music from the bedroom has scaled up to hit on Spotify. He had successfully created music that touches the soul and bonds people together.

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