Outdoor Chairs to Modernise Your Home

The Finishing Touch to Any Outdoor Space

Every house needs an area for outdoor entertaining. These spaces have quickly become a huge positive for those in the market for a new home or wanting to renovate their current house. They have become a great way to connect family and friends, as well as adding to the visual appeal of a home. 

But what is an outdoor entertaining area without chairs? With so many styles of outdoor chairs there really is one for every setting and occasion. In this blog we’ve outlined different chairs for every outdoor entertainment setting, so you can choose which would best suit your home. 

Small Spaces

Most people think that a home with a small backyard or none means that an outdoor entertaining area is a no-go. But an outdoor entertainment area doesn’t necessarily require enough seats for 15 people. A few chairs and a table can be enough to create an effective entertaining area for your home, without looking out of place. 

If you live in a unit or home with minimal backyard space, you can still achieve the full entertainment space look that you’ve probably seen in magazines. The use of a couch or outdoor chair that fits the intended space well without overcrowding it is what you’re wanting to aim for. You should focus more on creating a space that fits your home, instead of one that can fit a lot of people. 

This same rule applies if you live in an apartment. You just have to downsize this ruling dependent on the size of your balcony. Instead of a three- or four-seater outdoor chair you might want to try for two-three max. Or even just buying two single chairs and a table to create a more intimate space that fits into your small area of use. 

Larger Entertaining Spaces

Larger outdoor areas mean that you have a lot more flexibility and can be more creative in what you do with these areas. To get the most out of the space you have, you should think of how exactly it’ll be used. 

If you live in the right state an outdoor dining area could be in your view. They can become a space used year-round (depending on where you live) and of course are a great addition to any home for entertaining. There are outdoor chairs available that are modern in their looks as well as being waterproof and perfect for outdoor use. 

If you’d prefer an outdoor entertainment area that can be used in more situations than just dining, an outdoor lounge may be the best option for you. This means that you can create a hybrid space with dining and lounge options or just a comfortable space for your family and friends to come round and relax in. The end-product will depend entirely on what you want out of the space. 

Outdoor Bar Table and Stools

If you already have an outdoor dining or lounge entertainment area but are wanting to really fill up any extra space, consider adding a bar stool. A bar stool and table can be very effective in connecting spaces together. This is especially true if you have a connecting window from your kitchen to the outside space. Bar stools and tables are also great if your outdoor space is a deck or has a half height wall that isn’t being utilised.  

Chairs for Pool and Fire Pit Areas

Putting outdoor chairs in a pool or fire pit area can create a more inviting atmosphere and help in connecting multiple entertaining spaces together. 

You can invest in a modern and sleek lounge or chairs to put in or near the pool area. Which can become a great area to socialise and rest on a hot summer day. Making it a more inviting area for all guests, whether that’s swimmers or supervisors. 

Outdoor chairs are essential to any fire pit. It can be a great and more comfortable option in comparison to a wooden bench seat or stone wall. As well as providing more comfort using outdoor chairs at a fire pit can mean a more put together and polished look, that will more easily complement the rest of your outdoor entertainment area.

As with any outdoor setting, the furnishing and decor options you choose will depend on your needs and the specifics of your outdoor area. If you decorate with the right idea and use in mind, then you’ll find your entertainment space will be used in its entirety and won’t be wasted in the slightest. 

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