OnlyFans Clone – Perks of rolling out a content-sharing and streaming app

In this face-paced world, celebrities need to establish a virtual connection with their followers to sustain in the competitive market space. Additionally, what if they have an option to earn revenue by reaching out to their followers? For this, an app like OnlyFans already exists in the industry. This has ignited the spark among many budding entrepreneurs to develop their app and launch it in the market.

Many artists want to be part of this content-sharing and streaming platform so that they can make the most out of the money by showcasing their content. These artists include models, celebrities, musicians, journalists, erotic performers, actors, podcasters, gamers, etc. Creating various categories of artists in the app helps entrepreneurs to yield consistent income in the subscription platform.

Enchanting features to consider for the OnlyFans clone app development

The OnlyFans clone app system comprises three panels: User app, Celebrity app, and Admin panel. Each panel is packed with a few sets of spectacular features. Let’s see these below.

1.User app

Signup – Similar to all social media apps, the OnlyFans app also requires registration. While registering, the app collects some necessary information like name, email address, and contact details.

Celebrity profile – It allows the users to search for their favorite celebrity who is using the app and then, view their profile

Video recording –  When users opt for video shoutouts from their favorite celebrity, they can record the call.

Share videos – The app will let the users share the video recordings via other social media applications. 

Video editor – Users can edit the shout-out videos by trimming so that they can save the favorite portion of the video.

Geolocation – This feature is available in most of all on-demand service apps. Despite this, this feature is included in the OnlyFans clone app as it’s easy for users to search for nearby celebrities.

Security tiers – The app provides different levels of security functionalities to maintain the user’s privacy.

2. Celebrity app

Signup – It is the initial step to access the app. It will let the celebrity sign up with the app and set their profile after registration.

Social media profile – Usually, celebrities have their own profile on other social media platforms. Using this feature, celebrities can link their social profiles with the OnlyFans clone app.

Video messaging – This is one of the ways for celebrities to communicate with their followers. They can make a short video or extended, depending on their choice.

Privacy settings – Concerning the privacy of celebrities, multiple privacy features are included in this app. They can make their profile visible to their followers or restrict it according to their preferences.

Analytics – Celebrities can know the reach of their shoutouts using this feature. Analytics includes the number of likes and the number of users who viewed their profile.

3. Admin app

Dashboard – The admin can manage the profiles of both the users and celebrities. They can also verify the new user’s profile.

Badge verification – It will let the admin recognize the celebrity profiles by offering badges. It is easy for users to know the original profile of celebrities. The badge indicates that a particular celebrity profile is authenticated. 

Manage celebrity profile – This feature allows the admin to list the celebrity profiles and manage them.

Analytics – It gives reports about the app’s performance so that the admin can optimize the app accordingly.

Income-generating streams from the content sharing and streaming platform

Live streaming – This bridges a gap between the celebrities and the users. Whenever celebrities want to connect with users. Using live streaming, users can join the live. On the token of appreciation, users can give money to celebrities. You can charge a certain amount of money from celebrities.

Subscription plans – To view shout-out videos from celebrities, users have to pay a subscription fee. This is depending on your business model. You can charge them monthly or yearly accordingly.

Display ads – This will allow you to earn revenue. You can collaborate with third-parties and let their advertisements appear on your app. You can charge them based on the conversion rate.

Why do you have to choose the OnlyFans clone script?

Two standard methods are available for the OnlyFans clone app development. One is a conventional method and the other is customizing the ready-made clone solution. The conventional way of app development takes more time and a budget is quite expensive. So, the OnlyFans clone script has gained a positive approach among entrepreneurs due to the following reasons.

  • Pocket-friendly solution
  • Time -conserving
  • 100% customizable
  • Fully scalable

To conclude,

The subscription-based platform has forecast exponential growth in the near future. Taking advantage of this trend, make your venture profitable by developing your app with the OnlyFans clone. Hope so; you are sure about the OnlyFans clone app development. If so, reach us, get a demo, and customize your app. Let us deploy your app on popular platforms.

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