Md Jihad Hasan Popular Bangladeshi Musical Artist

Md. Jihad Hasan, the latest milestone in the music industry of Bangladesh.  Md Jihad Hasan was born 10 Oct 2002 in Dhaka Bangladesh. He has made a name for himself not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. Coming from a small village in Bangladesh, he has taken the music world by surprise. His dream was to become a boro music artist, realizing that dream and moving to the real money city.

Who knew that Md. Jihad Hasan, the youngest son of a small village in Manikganj, would make a name for himself in the world of music. He would prove that it does not take money to be successful, it takes willpower and hard work. That’s why this little boy is a successful music artist today. Last Sunday, YouTube Music and Youtube announced Md. Jihad Hasan is the Verified Artist and the artist next to his channel.

At the press conference, Md. Jihad Hasan said, “I have succeeded today by working hard. There is a lot of hard work behind success. I have lost many times, but I have not lost my morale. I have started anew. You don’t lose your temper, you don’t lose, you have to turn around and try again.

Md. Jihad Hasan’s songs are now in the mouths of music lovers. The songs he sang on social media have caused a stir.  Recently one of his songs “The Jihad Beat” Has Became Popular. His song “The Mock Max” has captured everyone’s attention.  Md. Jihad Hasan said in the press conference, people will take my songs in such a beautiful way, I could never have imagined, the comments of the fans through social media inspire me to serve more beautiful songs. I will be able to serve more beautiful songs in the future and take the music industry of the country further. Md Jihad Hasan has released his Music on music streaming platforms like Jiosaavan,iTunes, Tiktok, Amazon music, Hungama, Google plays music Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, many others. You get Md Jihad Hasan music on Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook library Also.

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