How To Grow Your White Label Taxi Booking Business

Many taxi service providers have turned to mobile applications in recent years to improve their business service quality, enable smooth matching of their drivers and clients, and, above all, keep up with the industry’s strong demand. A user-friendly taxi booking software enables businesses to elevate their client experience by transforming a cumbersome taxi booking process into a simple one. Despite the fact that Uber controls the majority of the online taxi-booking app market, there is a slew of new firms competing for a spot on the list of significant online taxi booking companies. Growing internet usage, millennial’s changing lifestyles, and the convenience of booking through current mobile apps are all contributing to this gold-rush-like situation in the online cab booking market.

What are white-label solutions, and what do they entail?

The term “white label” dates back to the days of vinyl records. Official artwork was printed at this time, and promotional copies were given to nightclubs, radio stations, and DJs in a white sleeve to build anticipation for the upcoming album. However, the definition of white-label has evolved in current times. Nowadays, it refers to a product created by a corporation that may be re-branded and sold to other businesses.

Significance of White Label Taxi Booking App

Let me give you an example: you have a fleet of cars and a large number of drivers to provide services, but there is one issue that you will face: a lack of coordination, isn’t it? When you invest in a white label taxi app, the quality of your business service will undoubtedly improve. Furthermore, times have changed, and consumers now want a fast-paced lifestyle; they want faster solutions and what better way to do it than by incorporating technology into traditional business?

For a cab company like yours, the rise of technology is opening doors to a plethora of prospects! Gone are the days when passengers had to phone a taxi company to see if any taxis were available. Customers nowadays are looking for faster and more immediate solutions where they may obtain replies right away. The solution is to create your own taxi booking app, through which you can communicate with your drivers and passengers. Given this, we believe that investing in white-label taxi booking software for your company is a wise decision.

Important features

Within the white label taxi app, there is always a combination of a user panel, driver panel, and admin panel. The features found in each of these panels are listed below. Let’s go to the ‘Features’ section.

Dashboard for passengers

The tools that users can use to hire a cab are located on the passenger dashboard. First and foremost, consumers will be able to register immediately in the smartphone app and choose to book a cab. Users can check the varieties of taxis (SUV, Limo, or any other car) and their monetary charges after registering. The software allows users to customize their experience based on their preferences.

Users would be able to choose their pickup location by specifying their location via GPS. As a result, your drivers won’t have to scour Chicago for their passengers. GPS will assist drivers in navigating the whereabouts of their passengers and vice versa, allowing users to track their drivers. The entire procedure is simplified and may be monitored in real-time.

Furthermore, Google APIs are used to compute the distance traveled by a passenger from the pickup location to the drop point, providing clients with a reasonable price rate. White label taxi app development solutions also allow a variety of payment methods, offering consumers the flexibility to make payments safely and quickly!

Dashboard of the driver

White-label cab apps have also proven to be a boon to drivers. And taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Chicago taxi app, and others have made it easier for drivers to run their businesses. The driver has the option of accepting or rejecting a request with white label taxi development. When it comes to driver registration, the app allows drivers to do so straight from the app, and once the admin panel has approved the driver profile, the driver can begin providing services. Not only that, but a driver can also modify his online and offline status according to his availability using the white label taxi app. The driver’s dashboard maintains the booking history and shows the status of the total number of rides a driver can acquire to keep track of the services he or she offers.

Dashboard for the administrator

Taxi companies use the admin interface to oversee the entire process. It helps you keep track of your fleet of vehicles and even manage your drivers and passengers. White label taxi apps also let you track your fleet in real-time, making it easier to manage. Developing a white label taxi application provides a secure ecosystem since the admin dashboard can store all of the details of both users and drivers, allowing for safe and secure processing. The admin dashboard can also be used to manage workflow. The admin interface can manage driver registration, reviews and ratings, bonuses, driver payment, and many other things; thus, with the white label, you can facilitate a hassle-free approach.


Enhancement of Brand Reputation

People’s daily lives have become increasingly reliant on their mobile phones. When it comes to commuting, gone are the days when individuals would wander about the neighborhood looking for a taxi to take them to their destinations. They now desire to have everything available at the touch of a button on their smartphone.

The Influence of User Reviews

Customers who use a white label cab app can provide evaluations after using your service. Customer reviews, whether good or negative, are usually helpful in increasing business. Positive feedback from long-term clients boosts your brand’s recognition.

Effortless Maintenance

Typically, after publishing an app, there are a number of responsibilities related to its upkeep that can be time-consuming if handled alone. Companies that provide white label apps, on the other hand, promise professional assistance and maintenance support once the apps have been released so browse our website To Grow Your White Label Taxi Business. You can be stress-free while also getting your work done.

Additional Advantages

When you choose a white label taxi app solution, you can create your own app with the added benefits of branding and customization, all while working with a skilled mobile app development company. With specific properties and connectors, the personalized taxi app you obtain helps you satisfy your business needs.

White label apps come with all of the necessary modules and features to help a taxi company grow. It allows you to avoid all of the headaches that come with a traditional taxi dispatch system, allowing you to devote your valuable time and energy to developing your taxi company’s distinctive branding. So, for your taxi business, get a white label software solution and manage it smoothly.

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