How to choose web hosting and domain?

Friends, whenever you think about creating a website or want to know that how to make a Website, then two words must have come to you, first is Domain Name and second is Web Hosting.

Now what is a domain name?

Domain is a means of online identity of your business and blog. Like the domain of India Times is ‘’, in the same way every website has its own name which we call domain.

Now in today’s post, we will know what is web hosting and why is it needed?

Now let me explain you by taking a real-life example so that you can understand better.

For example, if you want to open a shop, then two things will be necessary for you. First of all, keep the name of the shop so that people can reach your shop from anywhere while searching by the name of your shop, then this thing is called domain name in the world of website.

But tell one thing, will your shop start only by keeping the name of the shop? No no? Because you have to find a place where you can build an office or store and keep your stuff in it and then sell it, right? You have to do the same thing in the world of website too, when you have to show your digital product like file or website that you have created to the whole world, then somewhere you will have to take place.

Now it depends on you whether you will rent your place means rent every month or year or make your own place but I want to tell you one thing that the place which you take in the world of website will be taken on rent only. Will be in profit because it will be cheap and it will also be secure.

So friends, what I told you now is that the place where you will keep your stuff in the world of the website is called Web Hosting.

Like if you have created an html file or someone has your photo, then you want to keep it on the internet, so when you have web hosting, then only keep it there and then connect that web hosting means server to your domain name, then whatever When people open your website, they will see your file.

If you have understood what is domain and hosting, then definitely tell in the comment. If you want to know more details about technology, then you will find many such blogs on my personal blog Digital Gabbar.

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