Good Search Engine Optimization Begins With Good Content

While you think of search engine optimization for your website, the most important is to create content based around the keywords you have researched on prior to setting up the site in the first place. SEO is the art of using keywords, phrases and tags to put your content high on a search engine list of match results.

Good search engine optimization means your content can be found by a person looking for exactly what you have to offer, and bad SEO practice means your content is simply ignored. You want the search engines to know what your content is about, and you want the person looking for your content to have a way to find your website. Ideally, if you want your customers to come to you, you need to have a good search engine optimization score.

Your Keywords And Phrases In The Content

When a search engine finds your website, the first question they must answer is, “Does this website mention my keyword or phrase?” If they find your website mentions your keyword or phrase, they are highly likely to place you on the list of match results. But if they do not find your mention, then you are now lost in cyberspace. Your first job as an SEO content provider is to make sure your website mentions the correct keywords and phrases in a way that the search engines will find. Once your content is written, you will then become the SEO content provider, and you need to make sure it gets distributed to the right people.

Write Content And Distribute Them

This method is sometimes referred to as content marketing. This is a process by which you write content about your website or web pages and offer them to other webmasters who are in your niche in hope that they will publish your content and in so doing make mention of your website by linking to you in the body of the articles submitted. This is a method of link building which has been vastly abused. When done right, it is a very powerful ranking factor.

The first part is who to distribute your content to, and the second part is how much to pay for each distribution. The first part includes your content’s title, description, keywords, etc. Not many webmasters know this but the more visits your content gets, the more placement you will get in the search engine results because the search engines will believe that your content is worth serving because people like it. So you want your SEO content to get very many visitors. The first job of your SEO content provider is to convince the search engines that your site is worth keeping listed.

Stay Away From Keyword Stuffing

This is not done by just placing your keyword in a single location. The way you convince the search engines is by having many references to your keyword in one site, rather than placing it repeatedly in many locations. The technique is called multiple keyword stuffing. Instead of trying to convince the search engines that your site is worth keeping, you employ the method of stuffing the key phrases into your site and having it found by the search engines when people use the keywords as search terms.

Multipurpose Content

By being a content provider, you can create many of the websites. This enables you to use your SEO content for many purposes. It also allows you to create many of the hyperlinks that direct traffic to your site. The more links you have, the more people will visit your site. This means you need to place more keywords in your content, making the content more about keywords and less about your site. For maximum placement and SEO value, your content needs to include keywords in a way that does not sound spammy.

It needs to sound natural and flow from your site, rather than being stuck in some kind of stilted unnatural grammar. Your search engine results need to read like a story, not a list of keywords. Using too many keywords and phrases can also make it sound like your site is out to sell your content. Visitors will get the impression that the content is less about what they want it to be about and more about what it has to sell. It will also make it difficult for you to explain why your site came up top for some searches and last for others.

My Conclusion On Content For SEO

I have used this content creation method for several websites being the search engine optimization consultant in a Houston firm, and the results have been very positive. It is a simple method that produces quality website content.

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