Everything You Need To Know About Perimeter Cameras

8 Types of Perimeter Cameras To Ensure Outdoor Security

The use of a camera isn’t restricted to photography only. When it comes to indoor and outdoor security surveillance, video cameras are a great help. These cameras ensure a high-level of security.

Depending upon the security system and requirements the type of camera used may vary. Use these cameras in combination with effective perimeter lights from CAST Lighting, because a well-lit property is a secure property.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of perimeter cameras.

Day/Night Camera

These cameras combine two technologies and operate in both low and normal lighting. Some of these cameras also possess IR capabilities. In addition to that, the image recording is in both colored and black and white images.

The high sensitivity makes these cameras ideal for 24/7 outdoor surveillance. Combine your day/night camera with CAST Perimeter lights to ensure maximum perimeter protection.

Thermal Imaging Camera Or Infrared Camera

These are long-distance cameras that are capable of detecting figures in total darkness. In addition to that, these cameras work by detecting thermal energies emitted from the living bodies. It is perfect as a perimeter camera for round the clock security. Moreover, they also operate in low light.  

Bullet Camera

As the name suggests these cameras are bullet-like and carry a long and cylindrical shape. Their application is mostly for outdoor security. The specific use includes long-distance monitoring. They are easy to mount and mostly contain fixed lenses. In addition to that, the installation of protective casing shields against dust and dirt. Using these cameras with effective perimeter lighting can be your companion in the fight against intruders.


These cameras have the ability to fit a wide range of needs. Their lenses aren’t fixed, thus, they can be customized according to your requirements.  In addition to that, the C–mount camera can be used for both indoor and outdoor security purposes. One problematic feature is that they are bulky and very noticeable. Thus, discretion becomes hard to achieve. 

Dark Fighter Technology

These cameras are capable of working in a very dark environment. Their technology can pick colored images even in extremely low light. Additional features include audio and face detection capabilities. Hence, all these features make the camera very efficient for nighttime surveillance. 

Discreet camera

As the name suggests, these cameras ensure discretion through their hidden placement. The major purpose is to capture surveillance footage of theft and any sort of criminal damage. In addition to that, they are easy to mount. They are also used for indoor security.

Wireless and Wire-free outdoor cameras

The wireless outdoor camera operates on Wi-Fi and the wire-free cameras run on battery.  Your outdoor perimeter can benefit from these cameras. In addition to that, these cameras can also be integrated with other systems for efficient monitoring and surveillance. Use these cameras with CAST Perimeter Lighting to ensure a safe outdoor perimeter.

Network Cameras

These cameras are the application of the Internet of things. Thus, it means that these cameras share images across the internet. It allows effortless access of a designated party to the camera footage. Moreover, it is ideal in remote locations for both domestic and commercial purposes.


There is a vast variety of cameras available in the market. The requirement of each premise is different, and the type of perimeter camera varies with that.

In addition to this, the ability of cameras to integrate with other systems is something you should look for.

You can use any type of camera that best suits your needs and combine it with low-voltage and low-cost lights from CAST Perimeter Lighting to maximize the security of your property. Because we believe, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.

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