Capitalize on the on-demand trend by investing in the Gojek clone app now

Gojek has been a trailblazer of on-demand apps and has become a giant in the South-East Asian market today. Its humble origins, from being a small-scale ride-hailing app in 2010 to covering digital payments, food delivery, and real-time product delivery to emerge as a “Super App,” now is highly inspirational to entrepreneurs.

Gojek’s plans for the future include a whopping $40 billion merger with e-commerce platform Tokopedia that will enable it to dominate more markets apart from Indonesia.

What does the Gojek clone app refer to?

  • It is a ready-made and customized multi-demand services application.
  • The Gojek clone script includes well-functioning Android and iOS apps for the users, delivery executives, service providers, a web panel, a dispatcher panel, a billing system, and a robust admin panel for day-to-day monitoring of the business operations.
  • The user-friendly design also contains a 100% bug-free source code along with multi-currency support.

The various industries that Gojek clone app development can make a huge impact on are

  • Transportation – The Gojek clone offers a variety of on-demand transport options like ride-hailing, car rental, bike rental, helicopter ride, boat ride, aeroplane ride, and boat rental. This assures the best travel experience for the passengers.
  • Logistics – The Gojek clone app utilizes advanced technologies for real-time supply chain management and for maintaining a high level of fleet efficiency. It covers contactless delivery of parcels, medicines, groceries, food, and stationery on-time to any location. It is also highly proficient in other services like moving, packing, loading, and unloading goods.
  • Professional services – Specialized professionals render different services like legal consultancy, dog walking, lawn mowing, babysitting, car washing, sanitization, disinfection, real estate consulting, healthcare, fitness training, painting, plumbing, massage, home cleaning, physiotherapy, hair-cutting, firefighting, language translation, interior designing, and appliance repairing.
  • Financial services – The Gojek clone discourages the use of cash by users by promoting the benefits of digital payments through GoPay (a comprehensive and secure payment gateway) instead. The Gojek clone app also provides insurance services.

The special features in the Gojek clone script are

  • An SOS button – Users can immediately report any emergency or accident situation to the dedicated help centre. The admin of the Gojek clone platform will alert the law enforcement agencies, rescue and relief authorities immediately.
  • Flexible takeaway option – For customers who do not want door delivery of their orders can opt for the in-store pickup facility as a viable alternative.
  • Geofencing – To ensure the safety of the delivery personnel, the geofencing feature will inform them on a real-time basis if they happen to enter a criminal area. The predefined boundary limit helps delivery executives to avoid visiting unsafe regions.
  • Call masking – The Gojek clone app values the privacy of users and its service providers. The call masking mechanism is integrated with the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the identity of the caller is always protected.
  • Corporate trip booking facility – Organizations of different industries can sign up on the Gojek clone app to book customized trip packages to any location for their employees.
  • Provision of detailed analytical reports – The admins can make better decisions to expand the operational scope of the Gojek clone in the future by viewing the latest information about revenue, costs, profits, and cash flow.
  • Safety badge recognition for partner stores – A green star will be accorded to partner stores that have followed all the necessary safety precautions. This ensures that users make the best purchasing decisions by ordering only from reliable and trustworthy stores.
  • Kiosk booking – The Gojek clone ensures a comfortable experience for domestic and international tourists by providing Kiosk booking facilities strategically placed at bus terminals, railway stations, and airports.
  • A block option – Fraudulent or dubious service providers can be immediately blocked by customers on the Gojek clone script. The admin will remove their services from the on-demand platform quickly.

The multi-pronged procedure involved in Gojek clone app development

  • Understanding the business requirements thoroughly.
  • Recruiting different team members like mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, marketing specialists, finance managers, QA testers, technical support staff, and project managers.
  • Adding all the necessary features and functionalities to the white label Gojek clone.
  • Testing the Gojek clone solution rigorously to remove all the technical bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Launching the Gojek clone app in the market by displaying it on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Handing over the full-fledged Gojek clone to the client.
  • The client can fully customize it by adding their brand name, logo, UI/UX design, and colour theme.
  • Rendering round-the-clock technical support in numerous languages, maintenance, bug-fixing, and the issue of software upgrades.

Final Thoughts

With rapid changes in consumer behaviour, savings in time and money have become essential. Hence, entrepreneurs must watch these important market trends by developing an all-in-one platform in the form of a Gojek clone app. The potential for growth in on-demand services is unmatched, along with a guarantee of better business prospects.

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