Best E-Mail Strategies For Guerrilla Marketing

In the world of online marketing and promotion, many strategies have made their way owing to their success and ease of accomplishment. One such strategy is Guerrilla Marketing.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Understanding how it works begins with first getting to know the basics of it. Guerrilla marketing has been derived from the Spanish word ‘Guerrilla’, which means ‘to attack’. It was a military tactic used to ambush or surprise attack the enemy on the battlefield, taking advantage of topography- like hills and canyons.

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that instantly produces results because of out-of-the-box ideas and instantly catching the attention of the viewer, even if it is for a short term. It increases conversions for a short while and a spike is seen in sales after implementation of it. Certain ways that these specific techniques employs are-

  • E Mail Lists
  • Promotional Discounts
  • Flash Sales
  • Imaginative Hoardings
  • Prominent Public Place-Displays

E-Mail Strategies For Guerrilla Marketing

Let’s talk about how you can incorporate guerrilla tactics in your email marketing chains and subscriber lists. E mails, even though are long thought to be a dormant means of promotional activity, are still going steady with their conversion rates. It would be ghastly to underrate this means of reaching out to prospective buyers and if the element of guerrilla tactics is applied here, we find a mega-successful turnout. Here are some ways of incorporating guerrilla elements in your email strategies of marketing-

  1. Catchy Subject Lines

Emails are all about that subject line. Use active voice and phrases, instead of complete sentences. Keep in mind to keep your subject line short and specific.

  • To-The Point Content

People often have little to no time to read longer emails. Make sure that the content of your email is entertaining and engaging. Avoid wordy emails that drone on and on, without coming to the point. Include direct Call To Action buttons in prominent places in emails.

  • Infuse Graphic Design

Even though you might consider it a novelty, it is essential to include elements of graphic design in your emails. Jazzing up your emails is not just an aesthetic necessity, but it also conveys personalization and effort to your receiver.

  • Exclusive Offers

Subscribers of your email lists are often people who are invested in your brand and wish to be kept updated. Make them feel extra special by offering them exclusive discounts and offers so that they feel included in your venture.

  • Routine Benefits

In addition to exclusive discounts, routine benefits for regular customers act as an investment because your reputation rests on it. Even first-time customers tend to be drawn to emails that promise something for everyone.

  • Targeting Audience

Before you send out those juicy, attractive, and irresistibly designed emails, make sure you are clear in your objectives and the demography you are targeting with this communication. A well-aimed arrow always lands on the right spot.

Guerrilla Marketing strategies are tested to bring you the best results when it comes to marketing your products and services, on the condition that you understand the working of the concept well. On-field research is a prerequisite for it and only after testing it out once or twice, will you find your perfect fit of guerrilla marketing strategies that suit your business leads.

Good luck!

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