6 Best Dictionary Apps 2020 for your Android and iOS

‘To be or not to be’ tuned to sensational chatting experience – Choice is Yours

The significance of the experience is so brilliantly spilled out in the age-old saying, “It’s wiser to spend your money on “experiences” rather than on “things”. Truly, we effectively overlook the materialistic things, however beneficial experience waits in our diaries for a long.

Day in and day out we experience realities in our life which endure a lesson for our future. As per Psychological research feelings, experiences and emotions make individuals more joyful than assets.

Experience may either be pleasant or unpleasant, but it remains a part of our life. For instance, the first visit to a foreign country or an excruciating dentist visit can never be forgotten. Nevertheless, experiences become part of our identity and are also more shareable.

Our experience in cell phone usage has been a complete departure from the purpose for which it was originally pioneered i.e., for voice communication.

Now, technological developments have made mobile phones to make video calls, live chatting, surf the internet, play games, share stickers and gifs, capture high-resolution images, and even control other pertinent gadgets. Due to these reasons, cell phones have turn out to be “Cool Smart Phones”.

To add a feather to the cap and to make the chatting experience more fun, exciting unique livelier Keyboards are available for free with no upgrades or in-app purchases. Surprisingly, these keyboards are loaded with thousands of emojis, memes, stickers, GIFs, themes, and fonts.

Just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube apps which act as a breeding ground for emotions, these regional keyboards shape our reality as much as the people who surround us in our real life.

Better late than never, stop buying things and start buying experiences to feel the joy of your chatting aptitude by simply downloading these apps.

  1. Malayalam Keyboard with Malayalam Stickers

Malayalam Keyboard is remarkably planned, particularly for the Malayalam talking users. The application has the best input tool that changes over your content into Malayalam by either composing in Malayalam (Manglish) Keyboard or utilizing English to Malayalam Typing Keyboard. A component that separates this Keyboard is letting you make reasonable stickers of yourself and your companions, with the caricature headshot with simply a selfie or an image, making your conversation more intriguing. With beautiful and lovely themes, the app lets you set backdrop photos of your choice giving you a more customized feel. Furthermore, permits you to download hilarious Malayalam Movie sticker packs and GIFs without any problem. And that explains why I personally love this app.

2) Malayalam Keyboard

The app makes typing simple for all the Malayalam clients by letting you type in English to Malayalam and change Malayalam to English at the same time. Pick the ideal topic for your Keyboard in a flash from the library of new subjects accessible. Additionally, it underpins all applications.

3) Malayalam Keyboard for Android

Malayalam console is a straightforward and quick keyboard for Malayalam speaking people, grown essentially for Android gadgets. It’s a Malayalam literal transliteration console that takes a shot at Androids just as tablets. By setting it as the default keyboard in your android phones, this instrument can be utilized in any application for typing Malayalam.

4) Malayalam Keyboard 2020

Malayalam keyboard 2020 spurs you in writing in your own Malayalam language. The app makes typing easy for all the Malayalam speaking people by letting you type either in English to Malayalam or change Malayalam to English on a solitary go. Pick the ideal topic for your Keyboard immediately from the library of delightful themes available.

5) Malayalam Keyboard – English to Malayalam Typing

Malayalam Keyboard is a free Malayalam App for Android clients. It offers an amazing and cool emoticon assortment to make the visit much more fun and fascinating. With the optional dark and light theme with Malayalam and English keyboard support, the keyboard lets you enjoy Malayalam typing.

6) Malayalam Keyboard: Malayalam Language Keyboard

Malayalam console 2020 is another participant in the keyboard application world. The app has a direct UI and has many astonishing highlights. Like the above applications, it lets you convert your content from English to Malayalam and Malayalam to English. Its slick and brilliant 15 color themes will make your console look excellent

7) Malayalam Voice Keyboard – Typing Keyboard

Malayalam Voice Keyboard is another well-known provider of the Malayalam keyboard app. The app makes Malayalam voice typing faster and offers voice typing features, Malayalam to any language translator, theme collections, and a huge collection of emoji.

8) Easy Malayalam Keyboard

Easy Malayalam is a free Bangla App for Android users. It offers a large and cool emoji collection to make the chat way cooler and engaging. With the optional typing keyboard app layout, enjoy colorful Malayalam typing with keys arranged in tabs.

“The Best Things in Life are Always Free”, analogically the above-mentioned apps lets you buy experiences for free

Why wait? Get tapping and make your chat more intriguing with these Malayalam keyboards around.

Shubha Dinam!

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