4 Best Window AC 1.5 Ton under 30000 in India

The scorching Indian summers can sometimes make sleeping or even doing day to day activities inside the house uncomfortable. With temperatures soaring, many are on the lookout for good budget air conditioners that provide optimum cooling and comfort for their home. Nowadays, some of the best window ACs 1.5 ton under 30000 are able to effectively cool a room of 150 – 170sq ft within minutes. Most of them even come with the latest features and cooling technologies that are also light on energy consumption. While 30k still might be a huge amount for an outright payment, companies like ZestMoney offer great no cost emi schemes where you can purchase a window AC on EMI on 0% interest and zero downpayment! Now that we have made window ac’s affordable for you, lets go ahead and check out the 4 best window ac 1.5 ton under 30000 in the market today:

  1. Voltas 185 DZA 1.5 ton
    One of the top rated Window ACs in the market, the Voltas 185 DZA uses a turbo cool technology to cool a room of 130-150sq ft in under 20 minutes. It also comes with an anti-dust filter, auto restart and sleep modes that all together ensure the air inside the room is kept fresh and for a comfortable experience throughout the day.
  1. Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW518KUDZ1
    What makes Hitachi Kaze Plus the best window ac 1.5 ton under 30000 today is its plethora of energy efficient features that don’t compromise on its cooling ability. Equipped with an Auto Climate cooling technology, this AC detects the quality of the air in the room and cools accordingly. To top that, it comes with over 20 modes allowing users to customize their experience to their preference.
  2. Blue Star 5W18GBTI 5 Star Inverter
    This Blue Star air conditioner is sought after in the market for its energy efficiency rating and durability. Delivering superior cooling along with dehumidification the air conditioner ensures that the air in and around the room is kept fresh and moisture free at all times. And you don’t have to worry about noise – the inverter model features a high-speed compressor that promotes faster cooling while being absolutely silent.
  3. Carrier Estrella 3 Star

The Carrier Estrella is a great model if you live in areas with high humidity. Its Intelligent Cooling Technology along with 2 modes – dry and energy saver are specifically designed to remove excess moisture content in the air. Ideal for a room 140-150sq ft, it’s affordable price point for what it offers is also another reason why users love the Carrier Estrella in India.

And there you have it! Now it’s your turn to pick the best window AC 1.5 ton under 30000 that suits your specific needs. Make the Window AC even more affordable by purchasing it on ZestMoney EMI. When you buy a window AC on EMI through ZestMoney, you pay 0% interest on the product and zero downpayment which means you only repay in installments (over the tenure of your choice) the actual price of the product and nothing more!

Beat the summer heat by treating yourself to the best window AC for your home today!

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