3 Best Countries to Study Abroad

Many students want to go abroad during these hard times we had in 2020. The desire to travel is essential, so considering the opportunity to study abroad in 2021 is a sensible choice. With borders closed in some countries, where can I go?

It’s essential to find a program in a country that will be open to students in 2021 and give you the required skills, an opportunity to engage yourself in the culture, and where you can keep yourself on track for your program.

To help you along the way with your analysis, the article provides the 3 best study abroad countries that you can consider to make your aspirations of studying overseas a reality in 2021. These locations are evaluated for their popularity with study abroad students on Go Overseas.

Find the motivation you require to study abroad by exploring these exciting choices to take your knowledge to the next level.


Japan has surged to the top of the table of best study overseas destinations going into 2021. Japan’s prominence for generosity and welcoming nature gives it a safe bet for students studying away. It is home to numerous technological innovations and another main attraction for students who want to go abroad.

In addition to receiving some of the finest STEM and education programs worldwide, its tradition of historic culture and being home to leaders in their field are magnetic components for those students exploring study overseas opportunities.

With high acceleration and comfortable modes of transportation everywhere in the country, as well as delicious food to indulge in, you will have an opportunity to involve yourself in one of the most vibrant cultures in the world.


Students who are passionate about wildlife and unusual settings are attracted to go down under. Australia is home to unique animals, beautiful backdrops, and some of the most majestic coastlines across the world.

Students with the wish to study abroad in 2021 in biological studies and geology could wish from a host of programs enabling them to travel landscapes like the Great Barrier Reef or watch kangaroos.

Additionally, Australia is home to different cities, including Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, making excellent choices for foreign students.

Whether you’re an architecture student or music student, consider watching the Sydney Opera House in your backyard to study. Other favorite programs to look at in Oz include anthropology, physical education, and communications.

What more suitable place than Australia, where you can experience adventures such as scuba diving, kayaking, or bush-walking!


This time, leading up to the rankings, is Ireland due to its exciting history, the chance for exploration, and beautiful location. Students can explore different cultural artifacts such as massive green cliffs, Viking ruins, the Gaelic language, and castles.

Geology students can explore Giant’s Causeway, and English literature students resembling to study overseas can get lost in the same places of authors such as Eavan Boland and Oscar Wilde.

The Emerald Isle is also a center for international research in pharmaceuticals, technology, and chemistry.

Besides studies, you’ll have a list of things to do at your fingertips. Explore the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin or see the Cliffs of Moher. A term in Ireland surely won’t be complete without attending a Gaelic football match with fighting Irish mates and all of the new buddies you’ve made.

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