10 Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Business on Instagram

Instagram marketing for real estate business is booming right now. It is the perfect place to market and grow your real estate business. Studies show that out of all social media platforms, Instagram’s engagement rates are the highest. Moreover, 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts. So, a real estate Instagram business account is a must-have. The plus point is that you can market your real estate business as a personal brand on Instagram. Setting the right real estate Instagram marketing strategy will grow your account’s reach and worth in no time.

Let’s look at some strategies on how to market real estate on Instagram to grow your real estate business.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy for real estate on Instagram. It is all about numbers. Influencers help your real estate business gain access to millions of Instagram users. Their credibility and loyalty towards their audience make this marketing strategy worthwhile by promoting your business to prospective real estate clients.

Connect Instagram with other platforms

To grow your real estate business’s reach, you can connect your Instagram profile with other social media platforms, especially Facebook. Linking real estate Instagram and Facebook accounts helps you directly post all your videos and posts on Facebook. Moreover, tweeting your Instagram’s post link on Twitter also helps channel the post traffic towards your real estate Instagram page.

Resonate with the younger demographics

Instagram is quite popular among the younger generation, with 60 percent of people aged 18 to 29 using it. Communicate with this young demographic for your real estate Instagram marketing. Resonate your real estate ideas to the needs of young professionals. This approach will grab their attention and help grow your real estate business’s reach on Instagram.

Trending hashtags

Hashtags are very important for Instagram’s marketing strategy. It helps you filter out your real estate target audience. People come to know about different businesses on Instagram by following hashtags related to their niche. So, for you to market your real estate business to people looking or interested in it, then use relevant hashtags on your every Insta post. You can use trending hashtags to widen your reach and get organic leads on Instagram.

Paid advertisement campaigns

Instagram ads can help you widen your reach and help you easily reach your target audience. The native ads feature makes your advertising campaigns on Instagram worthwhile. Use compelling imagery and videos along with a link to your website. This will help promote your real estate brand on Instagram and attract prospective real estate enthusiasts.

Use visuals to showcase local amenities

Use videos and imagery on Instagram to showcase your local neighborhood. Interview people in the area. Share the stories from the perspective of local inhabitants to showcase the amenities and quirks available in the neighbourhood. Post their photos and videos along with a nice description and relevant hashtags. The visuals help the general audience understand the area’s layout better and better understand the local community. This exhibits your local expertise in that area and grows your real estate business on Instagram.

Talk about the real estate market trends

Use infographics to explain to your audience the real estate market trends. Property circle rates, number of homes listed for sale, home prices hike over the years, prognostic trends based on current real estate data are some nice topics for visual infographics. Showing pragmatic solutions to people will grow your Instagram real estate page.

Diversify your real estate post topics

Keep your audience up to date with the latest developments in the real estate sector. Explain the compliances in layman’s terms. Talk about the importance of sustainable housing and what places offer it. Stay relevant with your postings and be brief. There are many topics to choose from and keep people engaged on your real estate Instagram page.

Show your dedication and progress

Showcase your commitment to your real estate work and how your things go behind the scenes. Do vlogging to capture your daily hard work and show them how it’s done. Update your progress as posts or stories of how many people you made happy with your real estate sales. Achievements and progress add to your credibility and dedication to your work. Engage your audience by giving them an insight into your struggles and challenges and how to emerge out of the strong.

Share testimonials from happy buyers

Sharing progress coupled with client testimonials is a powerful strategy to attract more clients. Instagram marketing for real estate with testimonials from your clients authenticate the hard work you put in. And gives you the leverage to grow into a formidable real estate business.


Marketing can be tricky for many individuals. Digital marketing has a large number of factors that have to be considered. So, the implementation of the right strategies is very crucial. 

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