10 Most important e-commerce trends to watch for in 2020

This decade has experienced significant growth in the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce platforms and business have undergone substantial changes since its effect. The e-commerce sites are continuously evolving and developing every day. The statistics and shares change every day. The most important aspect of the whole developmental process is to realize where the entire system belongs. The global retail sales are increasing every day with increased traffic on these online retailing sites. Every month thousands of new consumers join the online shopping platform. The trends are changing every day. Dynamics of sales, traffic, orders, and reviews change every second. This year’s trends of e-commerce 2020 are out and have changed a lot. 

What are factors responsible for changing trends in e-commerce 2020? 

There many factors that have affected and will always affect e-commerce trends in 2020. These factors influence the complete e-shopping and retailing process changing e-commerce trends for 2020. These factors are known to change the entire e-shopping experience. These factors are responsible for the effectiveness and functioning of different e-commerce services and working. Here are the other factors which are responsible for the changing trends and dynamics. 

  • Political Factors: 

E-commerce is hugely affected by government decisions. Everything, including government initiatives in adopting and encouraging modern technology, promoting e-commerce and online sites, etc., impacts the e-commerce trends 2020. Legal rules and processes for retailing online and on different platforms also influence the e-commerce trends and working.

  • Technological Factors

Internet bandwidth and technological advancements lead to the progressive approach of e-commerce sites and retailers. Telecommunication experience and computer monitoring are responsible for the proper development of e-commerce networks around the globe.

  • Social Factors:  

Awareness among consumers regarding e-commerce, online shopping, and modern technology is one of the most significant factors that lead to the top trends of e-commerce 2020. Literacy rate and their willingness to adopt modern technology and methods significantly impact the popularity and trend in e-commerce 2020.

  • Economic factors: 

People’s financial stability and dependence are also responsible for the changing trends in e-commerce. The average income of people, expenditure and cost of hardware, etc., have a more significant impact on e-commerce trends for 2020.

These factors influence the complete e-commerce process: Internet connectivity, technology usage, telecommunication, and government rules and regulations.

What are the top e-commerce trends of 2020?

  1. Voice search and recognition:

Alexa and Siri have entirely revolutionized the smart world of gadgets. These devices are the smart speaker that can be accessed through voice recognition mode. These artificially smart speakers perform a lot of functions, from calling to playing music and internet searching. They come among the most important e-commerce trends for 2020. It is believed that in the coming years, almost more than half of the world population would be having these smart speakers and rely on the voice assistants. As the demand for these smart devices increases, more and more e-commerce sites have equipped their stocks for any possibility of future orders and sales.

  1. Smart Chatbots

Who says online shopping cannot be interactive. These online chatbots communicate and interact with you during your whole shopping expedition. Online chatbots can answer many customers’ queries and doubts. Chatbots usually act as your assistants and address all your problems and issues. Many stores are replacing human communication workers with online chatbots. We might see new designs and changes in chatbots. They may evolve and become better and more realistic. They are believed to be excellent agents for customer support. Smart Chatbots have become some of the emerging and top e-commerce trends 2020.

  1. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality has enhanced the shopping experience and made it more realistic and believable. It works on the principles of complete visual analysis of the product. One of the e-commerce trends in 2020 includes the new graphical features on the online shopping sites showing a 360-degree view of the product. Also, shoppers can virtually try the products and get to know how they would look like in those dresses or lenses. Therefore, it tries to meet the gap between the product’s visual analysis through traditional and e-commerce mode.
  1. Artificial Intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence, popularly abbreviated as AI, holds a strong place in almost every field and sector, including e-commerce, education, medical, and health. One of the e-commerce top trends of 2020 is increased usage and AI equipment replacing the old traditional man force ideas. AI has held a rapid pace into integration in e-commerce or other fields. The only problem faced in using and equipping the e-commerce platform with artificial intelligence requires a high degree of precision and capital.

  1. On-site personalization: Every e-commerce site is known to track our daily activities and search history and habits to learn more about our choices and preferences. Therefore, our recommendations are entirely customized according to our priorities and preferences. Top e-commerce trends 2020 involves using recent customer habits and search history to tailor a specific shopping list exclusively for them.
  1. Mobile Shopping:

Be it previous year shopping trends or current year e-commerce trends 2020, mobile shopping still stands at a strong position. More people are shifting to the online mode of shopping through their mobile devices on different e-commerce sites.

  1. B2B upliftmentTrends of e-commerce in 2020 have significantly changed and lead to the growth of the B2B market. B2B business is moving online and holds a strong support base and enjoys massive online traffic with an increased number of B2B buyers 
  1. Online Sale Growth

The unstoppable sales demands and steady growth of online sales are changing e-commerce trends in 2020. Online shopping harbors massive online traffic and generates revenue. Websites are more user friendly, offer exciting prices, and discounts and an increase in the number of online stores are possibly the reasons for increased sales growth.

  1. Social Media Influence: 

Amongst the top trends of e-commerce in 2020, social media has taken e-commerce by storm. Many brand ambassadors promote the product online through these social media platforms. Also, Instagram influencers or Facebook influencers all sell the products online through their public or business accounts over these social media handles.

  1. Environmental Consumerism: Selling and promotion of products is no longer a single objective. The e-commerce trend in 2020 is about collaborative advantage. Business is associated with environmental or some other issues. For example, the go green campaign has significantly led to green consumerism by fire. Users are getting attracted to biodegradable and eco-friendly products. They prefer buying products that promote sustainable development. 


This is all about the changing e-commerce trends for 2020. The global markets get revolutionized every day, and significant changes are observed in the supply chain. Similarly, e-commerce has become one of the leading revenue and profit generators in the past few years.

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