Shovon Jaman

Shovon Jaman With Powerful Mindset Towards his Career

Shovon Jaman is an Independent Artist From Bangladesh. he is well known for his viral track “Sad Boi”  which was released in April 2021 and it is streamed more than 5 thousand plus on Spotify and it was the big move of his career. He has been blending his music with all wonderful strains of love and peace to bond people all across the globe

People always seek sense of joy and happiness in different things. It could be a book, a place anything, and it could even essentially be music. This 21-year-old boy Shovon Jaman has made sure to impress people with his versatile skills and talents.

People know him by his name Shovon Jaman, he believes that one must not be motivated by financial gains or fame. What an individual should work towards is creating an unbreakable bond between people through music. As a young music producer, he released his many songs and also in collaboration, which went ahead in touching the right chords of listeners mainly Sad Boi and Mad Boi Song.

Up-coming artist who stepped into the world of music just two months ago has already become a phenomenal success.Shovon Jaman has established a huge success record with his single Madboi. The young artist talks about how he creates his music and says, it depends on how he feels like. This 21-year-old artist is working on more releases for Spotify, Apple Music and on many more platforms. What started as making small-time music from the bedroom has scaled up to hit on Spotify. He had successfully created music that touches the soul and bonds people together.

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