Women Empowerment Through Online Teaching

The year 2022 is the year to acknowledge and embrace the confidence in women to become independent and improve their standards of living, without being dependent on the men in their lives, whether it be their father, brother, husband, boyfriend, etc.

Over the last few years, the discussion around the importance of women’s empowerment in the country has opened up the women to the idea of empowerment as a fundamental right for them. Women are also allowed to have equal rights to participate in economics, society, politics, and education without having to feel like they are inferior to the man in any way.

There are multiple reasons why women empowerment is very important today, more than ever, and some of them are as follows:

Help Resolve Unemployment

One of the biggest benefits of women empowerment and the main reason why it is important today is its ability to solve the problem of unemployment to a great level. It is one of the most controversial problems today, but the availability of working opportunities for women will improve significantly with the help of women empowerment alone.

By understanding and encouraging more and more women to participate in the corporate world, the availability of equal opportunities for women will become a dream come true shortly.

Encourage Women To Acknowledge Their Intelligence

The last few decades have been highly significant in the increase in women empowerment in the country today. Women are now starting to recognize that word and the right to freedom by putting weight on their needs and requirements over what others want.

However, the inequality and pay for the same job titles between men and women is something that can be resolved with the encouragement of women to contribute to the household.

Both men and women should have the ability to recognize their learning capabilities and acknowledge their intelligence to be more self-aware of the qualifications and what they should be paid.

Holistic Development of the Society

Women empowerment is also very important in the overall holistic development of society as at present, women are playing several corporate roles in the world, especially in the field of engineering and medicine.

However, the tech Industry still lacks too much interaction with women in terms of job roles which if changed can significantly improve the way society perceives women and the future of the upcoming generations.

Ways Online Teaching Jobs Are Helping Women

Online teaching jobs came into practice more actively after the global pandemic, but now, it has successfully become one of the biggest breakthroughs for women. It not only opens up multiple working opportunities to make income for all women around the world , but also makes women more about the capabilities and talent to take up more permanent jobs in the future.

Some top benefits of online teaching jobs that are helping women around the world include the following:

Financial Independence

Online teaching jobs or allowing women to become financially independent is the need of the hour. In most cases, there are people who can take responsibility for your finances or provide you with financial support for as long as you require. However, being financially independent is not only about managing money on your own, but also not having too much dependency on anyone.

Reduced Constraints

With online teaching jobs, you are not limited to the type of opportunities you can explore in the same field. For instance, you can begin with an hourly teaching job online to become comfortable with the concept and then move on to increasing the time as per your suitability and requirement.

Flexibility And Convenience

Not all women, especially married mothers, can start working as they have responsibilities of the house as well as the children. However, with online teaching jobs, the level of flexibility and convenience available to take the classes from any part of the world as per your schedule and availability makes it the most comfortable option to explore. Women do not have to go from one place to another to teach all the learnings to the students who are interested but still, receive enough credibility and income as per their skill set and time invested in the job.

Expected Online Teaching Salary For Women

Other than the multiple ways online teaching jobs can help women become more independent, it is important to acknowledge the growing salary packages for women who are actively participating in online teaching jobs.

On average, the expected online teaching salary for women in India is Rs. 22,696 per month.

However, this average salary is calculated as a cummulative of the number of hours an online teacher puts in. For most online teaching platforms, the freedom to choose the hourly rate for each class or a monthly salary for regular students, keeping in mind the average early and monthly rate.

How To Start Online Tutoring?

If you are convinced that the pathway of women empowerment goes through the tunnel of online tutoring, it is also very important to know how to start online tutoring as a woman to make yourself independent in all aspects.

Today, the internet offers multiple opportunities for everyone, regardless of age group or gender, to learn new things and find the right opportunities to explore all aspects.

For online tutoring also, along with watching videos to know how are you can cash on the opportunity of online tutoring for a better future, you can create awareness about your teaching ability through the medium of social media.

To begin your journey in online teaching in India, one easy way to proceed is to sign up with multiple online platforms that focus on connecting students who are looking for online classes or online tutoring to all potential teachers who have the expertise.

One such platform is Superprof which is designed to fill the gap between the students and teachers, without the restriction of geographical location. It is very user-friendly and requires the bare minimum steps to set up a profile as a tutor to allow students to explore and reach out to you for online tutoring if you meet their requirements. You get to set up your own price, schedule, and available hours as per your convenience.

At present, Superprof has 52% women teachers teaching more than 1000 subjects across India.

To conclude, online teaching jobs are increasing rapidly, with more and more opportunities for everyone. You do not need too much to begin online classes except a valid interest in the subject with qualifications to be able to impart knowledge easily. For women especially, online teaching jobs came as the breakthrough that was highly important to empower women and help them become more independent in terms of finance, decision-making, and freedom of choice to do what they wish to do in their field of interest.

With the help of women empowerment, society as a whole will develop a better sense of acknowledgement and equality. Start teaching and make India the powerful nation it dreams to become.

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