Why Do I Hear Static in My Headphones?

Why Do I Hear Static in My Headphones? - Quick Fixes In 2021

When you’re listening to music, playing games, or watching a variety of movies with your family, the most irritating thing is to hear static noise. It can be very frustrating for you, but another worst thing is that you can’t figure out the exact cause. Therefore, if you are also worried about it and are not finding any solution, why do I hear static in my headphones? You have come to the right place.

❯❯ Why Do I Hear Static in My Headphones? 5 Reasons with Solution

We need to know why a static noise problem occurs inside your headphone. When you find this type of issue inside your headphones while watching a movie or listening to music, there can be many reasons behind it. Therefore, below we have brought you five leading causes and solutions to why this static noise problem comes inside your headphones.

1- Audio Port Auxiliary Issue

If you are experiencing static noise inside your headphones, one reason may be a problem inside your audio port. When you put your headphone jack inside the audio port, the audio port is dirty or oxidized and affects the headphone audio output.

Therefore, all you have to do is clean the port inside, which you put the headphone jack from oxidizing and dusting. You can use a clean cloth or earpick to clean dirt etc. Once you clean up the auxiliary port by following all these methods, then all chances are gone that you will hear the static noise again.

2- Disconnected and Loose Headphone Wires

It is often the case that while you are listening to music, if you suddenly find a good problem or static noise, there is a 90% chance that the headphone wire is disconnected or loose. The main reason behind the loose and disconnected wire is that you can use it roughly.

Therefore, to verify this problem first, you wear the headphones on your ears and put the headphone jack inside the system or device port. Then you play any music or song and rotate the headphones jack until the sound improves or better, and the static noise will eliminate.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, try moving the wire from headphones to the system once and recheck the sound. Most of the time, this problem is solved, but it is a temporary solution. For a permanent solution, you can cut this wire and join a new wire manually. Thus, after seeing all the joints, install a new wire, and this will 100% eliminate the static noise problem.

3- Due to Damaged Speakers

Furthermore, if you are using the headphone speaker and get the static noise, one of the primary reasons behind this may be the speaker’s malfunction. To verify this problem, first, you can take your headphone speaker off the device and check it with a trustworthy and non-faulty playback device.

So, if you don’t feel any static noise inside a non-faulty speaker, it means that your first speaker is damaged. To eliminate the static noise, you may need to repair or replace your headphone speakers, as hardware issues are not quickly resolved.

4- Static Noise Issue Due to the Device

Many headsets take a lot more energy than usual to work, so due to this reason, many headsets may not work correctly. One of the main reasons behind listening to static noise inside your headphones is that the CPU’s power supply is constantly changing.

To solve this problem, you can replace or repair your CPU or whatever device you are using with headphones. Simultaneously, the fan you get to see inside your CPU also causes static noise, so you can get rid of this problem by changing it. In the end, it will be said that this is the most challenging solution to the problem of static noise you get to see inside the headphone.

5- Static Noise Issue Due to Wireless Headphones

Another major cause of static noise while playing music or watching movies is the use of wireless headphones. As you know, when you use headphones to listen to music, you don’t see wires or ports inside.

Therefore, when music is playing inside your headphones, you get to hear static noise because other devices interfere within its wireless region. At the same time, another major cause of the noise is that you can see a long distance between the headphones and the connected device.

To solve this problem, you need to check your Bluetooth headphones and the connected devices at once. Please make sure the two devices are well connected, and there is not much distance between them. Lastly, if you are using Bluetooth and wireless headphones and are getting noise, you can eliminate the static noise by trying these methods.

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How to Prevent Static Noise in Your Headphones?

Here are some things to keep in mind when eliminating static noise from your headphones using all of the above methods. Here are some tips that help you to protect your headphones from static noise in the future.

  • Upgrading of Headphone

If your headphones have been running without noise for some time and then started making noise, then here you need to upgrade your headphones.

  • Handling of Headphones

Whenever you are using headphones to listen to music, make sure that the headphones’ power is enough. If the headphones are getting too much power supply, it causes noise and damage quickly in the future.

  • Regular Cleaning of the Headphones

Regular cleaning of both the input and output jacks of the headphones also protects you from static noise. Therefore, if you clean your headphones and the device you use daily, you will not see any static noise.


Hopefully, you are aware of the reasons why you feel static noise while listening to music and quickly get the answer about why do I hear static in my headphones? At the same time, you will be aware of all the ways to solve the static noise issue. Finally, we hope you find this guide very helpful and informative to eliminate the static noise issue.

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