What Are Some Tips For Effective Franchise Email Marketing?

Your franchise is ready to launch. All you need now is customers who will purchase what you have for sale. One of the best ways to get things rolling is to launch a franchise email marketing campaign. Here are a few tips that will increase the odds of getting the most benefits from that effort.

Qualified Recipients Only

There are plenty of email lists out there, but they are not equal in value. What you want is a list that includes active email addresses for people who have expressed an interest in what you offer in the past. This is known as a qualified list.

Your goal in using this type of targeted list is to ensure that those who receive the email are more likely to open and read it. That, in turn, increases the odds of having more people respond in a positive manner. See it as a way to build goodwill as well as increase the odds of generating revenue.

Include Links to Your Store or Website

The body of the email should include links that make it easy for interested parties to get to your store or your website. You may find that having the link present in a couple of places is a good idea. That will ensure anyone who has decided to look a little further can do so without having to search for a way to get to your site.

Keep in mind that the links should be related to the topic of the email. If you’re promoting a specific product, the link should take them to a page where detailed product information is found. If it directs them to any other page, you may kill the interest.

Keep The Email Short, Compelling, and Easy to Read

Consumers tend to have shorter attention spans today than in the past. That means you have a limited amount of time to make your case and provide a reason to try your franchise. This is best accomplished when you keep the body of the email concise, short, and compelling.

You also want it to be easy to read. One of the mistakes that many make with franchise email marketing is using industry jargon that has little to no meaning to consumers. Put yourself in their place, and if a statement leads you to question what a term means, see that as grounds for rewording that statement.

Include the Options to Get More Information or Opt Out

At all times, you want recipients to have the option to find out more about the franchise. Include a call to action that begins with a phrase like “for more information” or something other that lets the reader know they can click on the link and get to what they seek. This is a courtesy that may lead to the purchase of another product, even if the recipient is not interested in the one featured in the email.

It’s also important to include the chance to opt-out of receiving future emails. The last thing you need is a reputation for continuing to send solicitations when recipients don’t want them. This courtesy will be appreciated and may leave the door open for the person to come back later and choose to begin receiving the emails again.

Remember that an email campaign for your franchise is an affordable way to connect with others and increase the customer base. Use the resource wisely, and you may be surprised at how much it accomplishes.


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