CERT-In issued a Warning for IPhone Users

CERT-In Update: Many people do not update their phones and other devices on time. Not doing this can put your device at risk. Actually, hackers target users by finding flaws in these devices. A similar flaw has been found in iOS and iPad OS. For this, CERT-In has advised Apple users to update to the latest OS.

Hackers always look for opportunities to target people. In such a situation, if your phone works on an old OS version, then you can also fall prey to hacking. CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team) has issued a warning for Apple users, in which a flaw has been mentioned.

This warning has been mentioned in Vulnerability Note CIVN-2023-0303 issued on 14 October 2023. In this note, details of vulnerabilities present in Apple iOS and iPad OS are given.

What is CERT-in?

CERT-In is an agency under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. In simple language, the job of this government agency is to deal with matters related to cyber security.

This agency continuously monitors all the things related to the internet, with the help of which people can be informed about any danger in time. In its recently released note, CERT-In has warned users about old iOS and iPad OS.

Hackers can target

Due to this flaw, hackers can gain full control of the targeted device remotely. Actually, by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities present in iOS and iPadOS, hackers can make a hidden request for remote access of the targeted device. If your iPhone or iPad’s operating system is earlier than 16.7.1, then you are at risk.

To avoid this, you should update your device. In this matter, CERT has asked users to update the latest security. Apple has already released a security update to fix these flaws. Not getting updates on time means that you are using the phone at risk.

These are also the benefits of the update

After updating the operating system, not only the flaws are removed from the device. In fact, the performance of the phone will also be better. Companies also make bug fixes and optimizations in OS updates. Along with this you will also get new features.

Overall, you will get better performance after OS update. Therefore, all users should keep updating the phone from time to time. By the way, you get notification of software updates automatically. Still, you can check for the latest software update by going to Settings.

For this you will have to go to settings and search for software update. After this you will have to click on check for latest update. If there is any update pending, you will get the information here.

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