Two Young Entrepreneurs Started a New News Company

Dhaka Times Now This website was founded on 12 December 2021  by Founder Md Jihad Hasan & CEO is Khalid Hossain Siyam. It is the largest circulated news portal in Bangladesh. As per the latest National Media Survey, 1 million people read the print edition of Dhaka Times Now every day, and it is the highest readership number among all Bangladeshi newspapers.

Dhaka Times Now does not only have the widest reader base as a whole, but it also reaches the most erudite readers of Bangladesh belonging to the upper SEC (Socio-Economic Class). Dhaka Times Now is way ahead of any other newspaper in reaching key target groups of readers.

dhakatimesnow .com is the “Number 1” Bangladeshi as well as Bengali and English Language website in the world based on traffic and pageviews. Around 1000 Thoujent users access this portal every month from over 200 different countries and territories. They generate around 280 million page views per month. Through all digital platforms, Bengali and English portals, and mobile apps, Prothom Alo Online reaches over 1 million people every day at home and abroad.

Beyond the border of Bangladesh Prothom Alo Weekly, North America Edition is printed in New York and distributed to the expatriate Bangladeshis residing across the USA and Canada.

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