WGV’s Quad and Agricultural Tractor Insurance

Are you the proud owner of a quad bike for regular trips or do you own a tractor for your agriculture or forestry, for example? Then with our quad and agricultural tractor insurance we have exactly the insurance coverage you need. Depending on the vehicle weight, mileage and use, we classify your special four-wheeled vehicle accordingly so that you are particularly well protected. With us you will not only find the legally required liability insurance, but also other extensive insurance for your vehicle. For those who prefer to insure their four-wheeler equally well: the right vehicles especially tractor insurance quote is just a few clicks away.

What counts as a quad?

Quads are not only a real eye-catcher, they are also real powerhouses. The four-wheeled vehicles with space for one or even two more people ensure driving fun and tears of joy. Whether on the asphalt or in open terrain: In order for your quad or elite 6×01 (All-Terrain Vehicle) to really get going, you only have to approve and insure it accordingly.

What counts as an agricultural tractor?

As the name suggests, agricultural tractors or trailers include: tractors, caterpillar tractors, trailers, tractors or farm tractors. These special vehicles are mostly used in agriculture and forestry and are approved as such. We also classify quads or ATVs that have more than 15 kW of power or are used in agricultural and forestry operations as tractors. If you think of combine harvesters or other heavyweights: these are usually self-propelled machines and these may be classified and insured differently.

What else you should know:

Some vehicles in agriculture and forestry, such as tractors or trailers and implements used in forestry and agriculture, can have a green license plate – and are therefore exempt from vehicle tax. However, compulsory insurance does not apply. In addition, you must show at least one liability insurance at the time of registration. All other vehicles that do not meet the relevant criteria are given a black license plate and are not exempt from vehicle tax.

Liability insurance

If you cause an accident with your vehicle, this can lead to significant financial consequences . Especially when another person is harmed and possibly sustained permanent damage to health. So that you are optimally protected from the costs, the legislator prescribes a motor vehicle liability insurance . This applies, for example, if you accidentally damage another vehicle with your quad or your agricultural tractor – and is valid in Europe and the non-European areas of the EU.

Partial insurance

The partially comprehensive insurance offers significantly more security and thus inexpensive basic coverage . We recommend it for every quad and every agricultural tractor. It can be taken out with or without a deductible and includes, among other things:

•             Fire or explosion

•             Theft, unauthorized use, robbery or embezzlement

•             Collision with animals of all kinds

•             Forces of nature

•             Short circuit (on the wiring) including consequential damage up to 10,000 euros

•             Broken glass

Fully comprehensive insurance

It is particularly worthwhile to take out fully comprehensive insurance for all new and well-preserved quads and agricultural tractors, as this offers extensive protection with its many benefits:

•             All partially comprehensive insurance benefits

•             Damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident

•             Willful and malicious damage by strangers (vandalism)

•             Transport on a ferry

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