Top 5 cosmetic brands for makeup

In this era of fashion, beauty is a topic on which people pay a lot of attention. For this people spend on different types of cosmetics. Today it is quite difficult for any woman (some men too) to stay away from makeup and cosmetics.

Due to this, many cosmetic brands are present in the markets today. People choose different makeup brands as per their choice. But choosing the right makeup brand is one of the most difficult tasks.

Each brand consistently offers high quality products to meet your needs. New brands are launched in the markets every day. But everyone likes to choose the best. Today in this article we will tell you about the world’s top makeup and cosmetic brands that are known for offering high quality products.


MAC Cosmetics is known as the most famous makeup brand in the world. There are countless stores around the world and professional makeup artists are present in each store to assist you and give you proper advice on cosmetics.

The company’s headquarters is located in New York New York, which was started in 1984 by Frank Toskan in a city called Toronto. It is mainly famous for its excellent ranges of concealer, foundation and lipstick.


NARS Cosmetics was founded by renowned makeup artist and photographer Francois Nars. This cosmetic brand started with just 12 lipsticks in Barney, which has transformed into a successful company today.

This company, which started with lipstick, later launched many makeup products in the markets. Offering excellent products, this makeup brand is one of the popular cosmetic brands across the world today.


This is a great cosmetic brand for users looking for cosmetics on sensitive skin. It is the first cosmetic brand to be tested for allergies. All their products are prepared after testing by scientists. It is known to provide solutions to various skin problems.

They have excellent products for redness solutions, sunscreen, sun protection. Apart from this, all their concealer, blush products, as well as mascara are well liked by their loyal customers.

Christian Dior

This brand was started in 1946 by the famous designer Christian Dior. It is a brand that is widely available and surprises people with its low priced products. Their products include mascara, foundation, lip color, eye liner, and concealer.

Apart from cosmetic products, the company also designs readymade garments, fashion accessories, leather goods, jewellery, footwear and much more. Although this brand mainly targets women, they also have a range of products for men and children. Apart from retail stores across the world, their products are also available online.


The Maybelline company was started in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams, a young businessman. It is one of the most popular cosmetic brands around the world that offers excellent makeup products. It has a wide customer base across the world, especially among young girls. It is a very attractive and popular makeup brand.

The biggest reason for its fame is that their products are cheap and quite attractive. This company, which started with mascara, today produces a wide list of cosmetic products which are well liked by the customers.

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