Tenali Rama Biography and short Stories

In your childhood, you must have read the story of Tenali Rama or Tenali Ramakrishna at some point or the other. The stories of Tenali Rama are also mentioned in school books. Tenali Rama used to be a poet as well as a clever person. He wrote a variety of poems during his lifetime and was well known for his wit and humour. Today we are going to tell you some of his stories and some interesting things related to his life.

Tenali Rama Biography

Tenali Rama is believed to have been born in the 16th century in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At the same time, his name was Garlapathi Ramakrishna at the time of birth. Rama’s father Garlapathi Ramayya, who belonged to a Telugu Brahmin family, used to be a pandit, while his mother Lakshmamma used to take care of the house. It is said that when Tenali Rama was young, his father passed away. After which his mother took him to his parents’ place. The name of his mother’s village was ‘Tenali’.

Tenali Rama Education

You will be surprised to know that such a great poet had not received any kind of education. Despite being illiterate, Tenali Rama had mastered languages ​​like Marathi, Tamil and Kannada. It is believed that Tenali had adopted Vaishnavism. For the purpose of fulfilling his needs, he started working in the famous troupe of Bhagwat Mela. Being a part of this troupe, he did many programs.

Tenali Rama and Krishnadevaraya

The pair of King Krishnadevaraya and Tenali of Vijayanagara kingdom are considered to be equal to the pair of Akbar and Birbal. Tenali started working as a poet in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. It is said that once when Tenali Rama was performing a program in Vijayanagara with his troupe, he first met Krishnadevaraya and the king liked his performance. After which the king entrusted him with the work of a poet in his court.

But Tenali was so clever that he gradually came closer to the king with his wisdom. Whenever the king was in trouble, he used to remember only Tenali Rama out of his eight poets for advice.

Tenali Rama Film and Cartoon serial

A Kannada film has also been made on the life of Tenali Rama. Not only this, Cartoon Network also made a play for children and named this play ‘The Adventure of Tenali Rama’. At the same time, a program based on his life comes on SAB TV. Doordarshan also made a play named Tenali Rama and his stories were shown in this play. Apart from this, many books related to his stories have been printed, which are very much liked by the children.

Tenali Raman short stories in hindi for children

After reading his biography given above, you must be thinking that what did he do that he is remembered even in this century. Why is he considered a wise and clever person? You will get the answer to these questions by reading the events of his life given below. Below we have described some of their stories. It has been told in these stories that because of his understanding, he easily solved a big problem.

Tenali Raman Funny Stories  –

The story of the businessman and Tenali  

Once a foreign merchant came to the court of King Krishnadevaraya. This merchant met the king and said that he had heard that the king had many ministers and he had heard a lot about the wisdom of these ministers. This merchant sought permission from the king, that he wanted to test the knowledge of his ministers. The king also agreed to that businessman and said that he could test the intelligence of his ministers.

What was then the merchant gave three dolls to the king. These three dolls were similar in appearance. After giving the doll to the king, the merchant told the king that your minister, within thirty days, tell me what is the difference between these dolls that look alike. The king also obeyed the businessman and called the ministers of his state and gave them to do this work.

However, the king did not entrust this task to Tenali Rama. But for a long time no minister could tell, what is the difference between these dolls that look alike. Then the king entrusted the same task to Tenali Rama and as soon as the thirty days were over, the merchant came to the king’s court seeking an answer to his challenge.

Then what was Tenali Rama told the merchant that out of these three dolls, one doll is good, one is fine while one is very bad. Everyone was surprised to hear this answer of Tenali Rama, on what basis Tenali gave this answer. Then Tenali Rama put a wire in the ear of a doll in front of everyone and that wire came out of the doll’s mouth.

Then in the same way he put a wire in the ear of another doll and that wire came out of that doll’s other ear. And when the wire was inserted in the ear of the last doll, that wire did not come out of any place. After which Tenali Rama said that the doll from whose mouth the wire has come out, that doll is bad. Because if someone tells her something, she will inform everyone about that matter. At the same time, the doll whose wire came out of her ear is fine, because if someone tells her something, she will not listen to him carefully. At the same time, whoever tells her the last doll, she will keep it inside her heart.

That’s why that doll is good. In this way, listening to the answer given by Tenali Rama, the merchant along with the king was also surprised. But Tenali did not stop here, he said about these dolls, that the first doll is one of those people who listens to knowledge and distributes it among the people. Rather, the second doll is among those who do not understand what is taught and the last doll is among those who keep knowledge to themselves. The king was very happy to hear this answer of Tenali as well. The merchant also understood that what he had heard about the wisdom of the king’s minister was correct.

Tenali Raman And Two Thieves stories

Once Tenali Rama was sleeping with his wife in their house at night. Then suddenly he heard some sound. Tenali Rama got suspicious after hearing the voice that some thieves had come to steal his house.

Tenali told his wife that it seems that someone has come to steal, so we put our valuables in a plate and throw it inside the well. After which Tenali, along with his wife, throws a plate full of his valuables in the well. At the same time, the thieves had listened to him and those thieves went to the well and started extracting water from the well. After working hard all night, when the thieves got that plate, then there were stones in that plate.

After which Tenali came there and thanked the thieves and said, “Thank you you guys watered the flowers in my garden and cleaned the well.” After which those thieves were surprised and apologized to Tenali for this act, and he said that he should not tell anyone that he is a thief. Tenali promised him that he would not tell anything to anyone. But they have to give up stealing, after which these thieves started earning money by working hard.

The Story Of Tenali Rama And The Cat that hat milk

Once upon a time, rats had troubled the people in the state. There were so many rats in people’s homes that they used to spoil all the food and clothes kept in the house. When this matter reached the king, the king ordered all the people of the state that they should keep a cat in their house. So that the cats eat the rats and the problem is solved. But the people of the state did not have enough milk to give milk to a cat. While solving this problem of the public, the king decided to give one cow for every house.

On the other hand, Tenali loved milk and did not want the cat to be given milk. That’s why he used to keep warm milk for the cat every day so that the cat could not drink that milk.

This trick of Tenali Rama worked and whenever the cat went to drink milk, seeing the hot milk, she could not drink the milk. And in this way Tenali used to get all the milk to drink. At the same time, one day the king ordered that all the people of the village should appear in the royal court along with their cat. When the king saw all the cats in the court, only Tenali’s cat looked very weak.

The king asked Tenali why is your cat so weak. Telani said that her cat does not like to drink milk. The king did not believe Tenali’s words and ordered the cat to feed milk in front of him. As milk was placed in front of the cat, the cat felt that this milk would be hot and the cat did not drink that milk in this way. And Telani was not punished by the king and Telani started getting all the milk of the cow.

The story told above clearly shows how Tenali used to surprise people every time with his understanding. Not only this, due to his understanding, big problems were solved.

Tenali Rama facts

  • It is said that Tenali Rama used to be a devotee of Lord Shiva. But later he adopted Vaishnavism and started worshiping Lord Vishnu. Not only this, he had changed his name to Ramakrishna. At the same time, Tenali was added in front of his name because the name of the village he used to come from was Tenali.
  • The Panduranga Mahatmyam poetry written by Tenali Rama has been given a high place in Telugu literature. This poem is counted among the five epics of this language. Not only this, that’s why his nickname has been kept “Vikat Kavi”.
  • Tenali Rama not only used to write books, but he once saved the Vijayanagara Empire from the Sultans of Delhi with his wisdom. Apart from this, there are many popular stories between Krishnadevaraya and Tenali Rama.
  • Not only this, it is said that due to adopting Vaishnavism, he was refused education in Gurukul. Due to which Rama never got education in his life.
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