How to Remove Blood Stains At Home?

Blood is such an important part of our body and if the same blood stains our clothes then it becomes an urgency to remove it. The reason is simple. It not only looks bad but unhygienic too. Whether you stain your favourite clothing after having an injury, fall, nose bleed, or period; its removal is an important regime that is hard to ignore. We live in the age of technology and societies are developing an open mindset. Talking about the menstrual cycle is no longer considered taboo. But wearing a stained pair of bottoms due to the monthly cycle is a big NO for ladies. It looks bad – the most simple explanation and hence the removal of the same is essential. Let us consider the factors and points about how to remove blood stains at home?

Before getting deep about the different methods and ingredients that can help to remove the bloodstains an important piece of advice for you:

Act fast so that you save your energy and kick the stain out of your favourite outfit.

But at times quick action may not be possible. But do not worry because the below-mentioned remedies will help you sail through the process of bloodstain removal with complete ease.

Apart from clothes blood stains can be stuck in carpets, bedsheets, or upholstery. The concern is that wherever it gets stuck, it has to be removed. The good news is that the stubborn stains can be removed with the help of ingredients that are available on your kitchen shelf. So, no need to step out of your premises to buy any expensive cleaning agent. Straight head towards your kitchen to grab the required ingredients.

So, what are the ingredients required to remove blood stains:

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most versatile kitchen items that work wonders on different stains. So, it also works well on the bloodstain. Drop a few drops of vinegar directly on the affected area of the fabric and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Now, take a towel and blot the area so that the bloodstain gets out of the fabric. This blotting technique works great on mattresses and carpets that cannot be washed easily. But clothes have to be washed after allowing the vinegar to sit on them. Wash the cloth to get rid of the stain and vinegar’s odour.

  • Ammonia

Take a cloth and moisten it with water. Then put a few drops of ammonia in the wet sponge. Do not apply ammonia directly to the fabric. Blot the affected area with the moistened sponge and repeat the process until the stain is gone. Then wash the cloth to get rid of the bloodstain and smell of ammonia from the cloth. Use cold water to wash the cloth. You can even use a washing machine to wash the fabric post ammonia treatment.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of bleach but does not impact the colour of the cloth. But to be safe, it is highly recommended that the user should do colour-testing in the hidden area of the cloth before using it in the affected area. Once you have done the testing and you are sure that it can treat your cloth without ruining it you can directly apply it to the bloodstain by covering the area with hydrogen peroxide. It will bubble when it comes in contact with the stain on the cloth only to dissipate the stain. Hence, if need be you can repeat the process to get effective results. Wash the cloth once the treatment is done.

  • Cola

The presence of carbonic acid in Cola helps to get rid of the stain from the cloth. But results have proved that Cola is not 100% effective to remove the stain. So, you can use the can of Cola as pre-treatment for the stain removal. If you are outside and get blood-stained cloth then grab the can of Cola and pretreat the stain. Then you can use any of the above-mentioned techniques to get 100% results.

  • Cornstarch

Make a thick paste of cornstarch and water. Spread the paste on the affected area and let it dry. Brush off the stain when the paste is dry. Repeat the process if required. Now, wash the cloth in cold water to ensure that cornstarch residue is gone.

  • Talcum powder

This method is similar to cornstarch. Mix talcum powder with cold water to form a thick paste. Now, apply the thick paste on the affected area and once it is dry, brush it off. Wash the cloth and see the results.

  • Salt

This is one of the best remedies that is most simple. Salt can be mixed in cold water to form a paste. The paste can be spread on the affected area and allow to sit for 20 minutes. Once the paste is dry, you can easily brush it off. Then repeat the process. Once the treatment is over, wash the garment in cold water and the stain will be gone.

An important tip:

Never use warm or hot water to treat the bloodstain. Heat can set the stain. So, always use cold water for removing the bloodstain.


Removal of stains is not a very simple task. Simple detergent and water are not enough to remove the stain. Bloodstains look very dirty but they can be removed with the help of simple tricks and tips. This article gives you excellent solutions and is simple to incorporate.

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