Record delivery in a day, 12 c-sections and 51 normal delivery on occasion of Janmashtami

In Patna, a new world record was set by Shivam Hospital & Research Institute Pvt Ltd with 63 deliveries being carried out in a single day. This record was set on 7 Sept 2023, and included 12 csections and 51 normal deliveries. The previous record was of 33 deliveries in 2018 at the maternal and child welfare hospital in Siddipet, which included 16 csections and 17 normal deliveries.  

Dr Sarika Roy, who works 24-hour shifts from time to time, said it was one of the busiest days for her and sometimes, four expectant mothers had to deliver at once . It was necessary to pay attention. “This would not have been possible without the dedication and support of the nurses and OT staff, who were on duty in teams of three each in eight-hour shifts,” she said.

Dr. Himanshu Roy, It was not tiring and he also felt happy seeing the happy faces of new mothers. “We wanted to convey the message to everyone that this Shivam Hospital is equipped to provide the best healthcare services to pregnant women. In fact, we have better facilities and qualified staff than most private and corporate hospitals,” he said.

Dr. Sarika Roy said that the main focus and attention was given on normal delivery. A common trend seen in the country is that doctors in private hospitals are usually in a hurry to perform cesarean surgeries. But Dr. Sarika says that cesarean should not be the first option, but should be done only when necessary.

Kits were also arranged for new mothers and babies, the hospital administration also made special arrangements on antenatal care, delivery and postnatal care. Dr. Sarika has been serving for the last 35 years, it is the result of her hard work that today she has been successful in making a world record.


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