Pipe Spool Drawings

The pipe spool is one of the main components of piping systems. It can be made of steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel. The market for pipe spool is expected to grow in the coming years, primarily because of an increase in exploration drilling activities. The number of such activities increased by 30% between 2017 and 2018. Numerous governments and oil companies are now investing in new exploration drilling activities to meet the rising demand for oil around the world.

Pipe Spool Drawing and Fabrication Software

The manufacturing process is much easier and efficient when the spools are prefabricated. This method requires less labor and fewer tools, resulting in less time and money spent on assembly and fabrication. It also requires minimal testing equipment, so there is less risk of time and cost overruns. The spools are tested in a flow control environment by third party inspection agencies. This ensures quality and safety. This process also reduces site-based waste and the resulting slag.

Typically, pipe spool drawings are generated by a mechanical drafting team, which creates standard formats. These drawings contain a graphical representation of the pipe spool and a bill of materials (BOM). They also contain details about the pipe lines, such as the line size, piping material class, and insulation details. In addition to these elements, pipe spool drawings typically contain a title bar containing project information and material specifications.