Online Doctor Consultation In Lockdown

During the current scenario, lots of people are suffering from the coronavirus, strict lockdowns are being imposed to reduce the spread of the virus. People are unable to go out of their houses, even those who are sick are unable to go to hospitals. All patients have now turned to online doctor consultations. With Online consultation, you don’t have to wait for your bus, or in a long queue, and can even speak to a professional doctor wherever you are. Just by a click on the MFine App, you can choose a doctor based on your illness or injury, choose the time you are willing to be consulted and you are done. On the MFine App, you get Rs. 250 off on your 1st consultation and up to 100% cashback.

Suppose if you are suffering from a condition like loose motions, it makes it difficult for you to be away from your house. Online consultation helps you this way; you don’t have to get out of your house to consult a doctor!

How to stop loose motion

Loose Motion, also known as diarrhoea, is a condition where loose, watery stools occur more frequently than usual. Loose motion is often caused by viruses or sometimes by even contaminated food. During loose motion, the bowel movement appears softer than normal and sometimes the stools may even have a strong odour.

Some symptoms of loose motion:

  • Loose/Watery Stools
  • Abdominal Cramps and Pain
  • Fever
  • Blood or Mucus in the stool
  • Nausea

Loose Motion usually doesn’t last for more than 3 days and is a harmless condition. But, if it does, it is usually referred to as a moderate condition of diarrhoea. If you do get loose motion, you should find out how to stop loose motion.

It is advised to take anti-diarrheal medicines but you should consult a doctor first and they will give a prescription for the proper medicines. The best way to combat diarrhoea is by drinking lots of water and juices so as to make up for the loss of fluids in the body due to loose motion. It is also suggested to avoid complex food items that might be difficult for the irritated stomach to digest like spicy food and dairy products.

Some Indian Home Remedies:

  • Cumin seeds (Jeera): Jeera water can be consumed after the jeera is boiled and cooled for a while.
  • Ginger: Ginger can be consumed either in the form of drink ginger water or ginger tea to reduce the effect of loose motion.
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