NimbusPost Founders Yash & Rajeev Carry eCommerce Sellers

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! But actually, it is the identification of the necessity that sets the ball rolling in the first place!

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! But actually, it is the identification of the necessity that sets the ball rolling in the first place!

In case of NimbusPost, one of India’s leading shipping aggregators, the story begins when its co-founders, Yash and Rajeev, thought to think out-of-the-box and come up with a solution, instead of dwelling upon the problem. 
Yash Jain & Rajeev Pratap, two dynamic young men, armed with a comprehensive educational background and the thirst to prove themselves to the world, are the brains behind NimbusPost. Back in the days, when India didn’t have any suitable shipping platforms, Yash and Rajeev kept wondering what could be done to resolve the shipping woes of eCommerce sellers who were watching their business struggle in the company of their less-motivated third-party courier partners. The duo felt that such dependency could eventually prove detrimental for the business, even end up in the owner winding up the operations.

And thus was born NimbusPost which is “a solid platform” powered by cutting-edge technology and seeking to bridge the gap between online sellers and major courier companies of India. The platform, with more than 17 courier partners on board, helps eCommerce sellers to make perfectly informed decisions about who is going to carry their products to their customers safely and within the stipulated time. Founded in 2018 and based out of Gurugram, Haryana, the company launched itself as the provider of multi-faceted logistics services to help eCommerce business owners resolve everyday challenges. Today, NimbusPost serves more than 10,000 online sellers, assisting them in increasing their delivery reach without compromising on the quality of service. 

Talking about the inspiration behind launching this unique business concept, Yash & Rajeev say, “We saw quite a few eCommerce sellers struggling to retain customers despite offering the best prices and the best products. Their key problem was their dependence on third-party logistics support, which often let them down. Moreover, in times of pandemic, keeping the customer happy and feeling valued is a sure-shot way to success in your venture. So, we took up this challenge and introduced NimbusPost.”

The challenge was to develop a tech-enabled platform using state-of-the-art tools such as AI to enlist leading national, as well as local courier players and their services to help sellers cover more than 27000 pin codes throughout the country. However, they didn’t stop just there! NimbusPost went on to join hands with some of the best e-commerce platforms too such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Unicommerce, to add a brilliant customer service dimension to its logistics platform. 

Today, NimbusPost remains a young company, with a youthful outlook towards business issues, not the least because of its young co-founders but also because of the rest of the team, which is 200-strong and all between 25 and 40 years of age. The team members come from such diverse professional backgrounds as Nokia, NIIT, HomeShop18, and Club Factory! No wonder, their innovative approach to work and go-getter attitude remain their hallmark, which is bringing them immense market value and recognition!

With so many young minds at work, it shouldn’t be surprising that NimbusPost is today a creative, unified, and multi-functional platform that is providing a single space for online sellers to process, deliver, return, and exchange their orders. Among the suave tech features of this new-age logistics aggregator are a cloud-calling feature for COD order confirmation, shipping rate calculator, integrated online stores, etc.

Today NimbusPost is synonymous with competitive shipping prices as well as quick customer support services. It is because Yash and Rajeev believe that customer continues to be the king of the eCommerce industry. Speaking on their association with the industry, Yash says, “We are backed by 200+ industry experts, thanks to whom we’ve been growing at a breakneck speed of registering 2million+ transactions daily. Our business reaches 25 countries and so far, we have successfully delivered packages to thousands of customers.”

When asked what puts them a cut above the rest, Rajeev has this to say, “Things that set us apart from the rest are our most advanced tech-enabled shipping platform, the most competitive shipping prices, and the quickest customer support services. Our major clients are Meena Bazaar, Sleepy Owl, ShopClues, Khadi Global, Boodmo, Giva, Guru Randhawa Edition, etc.”

Being the young, energetic souls, the co-founders of NimbusPost are showing no signs of resting on their current laurels. From 2 million+ transactions every day to having 10,000+ satisfied clients, their aim for the future is to double these numbers. On the verge of launching their worldwide services, including cross-border services and franchise network, Yash and Rajeev are looking at notching up their operations, quality, as well as revenue.

Source: Deccanherald

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