Methods Used for Manufacturing of Plastic

Plastic goods are commonly used in our everyday life. You can see plastic everywhere, in your houses, office, malls, parks, shops, etc. Though plastic is ubiquitous, still the majority of people are unaware of how plastic is manufactured. There are seven methods through which plastic products can be manufactured.

Plastic manufacturing machines in Miami are high-tech machines used for molding plastic to make products. There are many types of machines used for manufacturing plastic, including

  • compression molding machines
  • Injection molding machines
  • Foaming machines
  • Rotational molding machines
  • Extruders
  • Foaming machine
  • Blow molding machines

Here are some of the methods applied for manufacturing plastic products

Plastic Injection Method

Up to 75% of the plastic goods that we use every day are manufactured through plastic injection modeling. It is the most prevalent method used for the manufacturing of plastic. In injection molding, parts are produced in large volumes.

The molds consist of the core side and hollow side, and it is then placed in an injection moulding machine. This method is extremely popular and is highly used by industries due to its ability to produced thousands of plastic materials at once.

Blow Molding

This producer involves the use of gas compression to force melted plastic into the frame using injection blow molding. This process is mostly used for the manufacturing of plastic bottles and other hollow objects in large quantities.

The most common plastic used in making bottles include PET (polyethylene terephthalate) because this plastic material is safe for consumable products as they do not react with drinks.

These plastic types are also simple to recycle, and it is great for many companies who want to recycle plastic bottles. Through injection blow molding, the bottles produced are of superior visual and dimensional quality as compared to extrusion blow molding.

Rotational Molding

Rotational molding is a plastics manufacturing method that is used in which mold is used with the central and hollow side, but the process carried out rotational molding is different from injection molding. The plastic powder resin is first poured into the vacant crater, and then it is heated inside the oven.

The mold rotates continuously as the resin melts and coats the walls of the mold.  For the development of the right width and thickness, the plastic remains inside the tool walls. Before opening the tool, it is cooled properly until the resin hardens into the desired shape.

Reaction Inoculation Molding

This plastic forming method is applied for the production of rigid plastic portions. It is a new way of producing structural plastic foams. In this method, highly reactive plastic liquids are mixed under high pressure and injected into a mold to produce foamed plastics.

In this process, the thermoplastic polymer is heated above the melting point, which causes the conversion of solid plastic into molten fluid with low viscosity. The thermosetting plastic endures a chemical process in the mold, instigating them to inflate and seal the mold cavity. After completion of the whole chemical reaction, the plastic comes in its final shape.

This technique is considered as an expansive pasting forming possibility because of the labor involved and the material used.

Vacuum Casting

Multiple plastic manufacturing machines in Miami help in the formation of various types and forms of plastic. Another common method used in plastic manufacturing is vacuum casting, also known as Urethane casting that is best to create several parts of the plastic without so many gears and materials requirements.

A 3D model of the final product is sufficient to start the manufacturing process. It is then positioned into a closed box that is filled with urethane or silicone.  As the whole process is carried out in a vacuum, it produces high-quality bubble-free casting with smooth surface texture without blemishes. It is a cost-effective way to produce high quality, low volume plastic parts

Extrusion Molding

It is a process in which plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube. It uses parison that is molten plastic placed into a dual-piece mold.  After that, the air is blown inside the prison, changing its shape to a hollow bottle, container, or part. Once the plastic is cooled sufficiently, the mold is opened so that plastic can be removed. 


This procedure of plastic manufacturing resembles vacuum casting. In this process, the plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature. The plastic is placed over the surface, and vacuum compression is applied constantly until the plastic takes a final form.

This process helps to create plastic products out of heated plastic. It is a versatile manufacturing process that is used to form everything from disposable plastic, including the plastic material collected from medicine packaging, retail products, and others.

As long as the plastic is thin, it can be manufactured using thermoforming. All these methods help in the production of high-quality plastic.

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