Master of many trades Rohit Mehta shares his top tips for millenials to ace digital marketing

Having aced several roles, Rohit Mehta is a revolutionary digital marketer who has profound know-how of the tactics to be mastered to lead a rewarding career in this field.

“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” The following quote speaks volumes of the grit and strength of leaders in getting out of their comfort zones to stretch boundaries and then conquer them.

Walking on the similar lines, an ambitious and tech savvy double masters in IT, coming from the magnificent town of Patna kept his foot forward in his journey of doing something noteworthy in the realm of digital marketing, but even he himself might have never thought that a few years down the line, he will be an inspiration to the youth who aspires to ace a career in digital content curation.

The said person is none other than the renowned digital marketer Rohit Mehta who is also a blogger par excellence and a noted IT expert donning several roles while sharing his knowledge with the world with his insightful e-books.

Having worked in the IT industry for the holistic period of over a decade, Rohit Mehta has distinguished himself as a tech blogger who reveals such tech breakthroughs with his readers that lead them towards better skills.

Currently hailing from Delhi, Rohit Mehta has not only mastered roles on his professional front but he is also a proud father of a beautiful daughter and husband to an adorable wife which shows his dispensations towards his personal life as well.

Having authored several brain opener e-books such as ’15 Proven Secrets of Internet Traffic Mastery’ along with other resourceful ebooks in both Hindi and English, Rohit has always made it a point to impart whatever he learns to his readers and followers.

Today, Rohit Mehta is the founding editor of India’s largest digital content platform called Digital Gabbar, an unprecedented vision that is being led by a bunch of digital enthusiasts wanting to make a difference.

Being an entrepreneur who drives several innovative movements, Rohit is a staunch believer of perseverance and dedication to make one’s dreams come true. Not only this, Rohit is someone who constantly seeks to upgrade his knowledge simultaneously sharing his vital tips with scores of his followers.

In-conversation with Rohit on his various pursuits in life, he says,”Like every other guy of my age, I was new to the world of internet when I was fascinated by what all one could do with some clicks, I figured out that there was vast potential if I begin a career in blogging, I took the same road and today I am grateful to my self learning capability which helped me sail smooth and lead new avenues”.

Digital Gabbar is not only a dream project but a destination for us to connect with our readers that are spread across boundaries. We have been able to give updated information which come from tips and tricks that have worked for us from fields of Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Dropshipping, Social Media, online money making , guides, tutorials and much more. In order to provide more  exhilarating sources of inspiration to young digital marketers, Rohit is planning to expand his  content to interviews of noted digital marketers which will bring nuggets of practical and fool proof information on the hustles and journeys of fellow digital marketers, bloggers etc”.

Having aced several roles, Rohit Mehta is a revolutionary digital marketer who has profound know-how of the tactics to be mastered to lead a rewarding career in this field. He spills the secrets to aim and achieve higher in the field of digital marketing, following are the words of wisdom pioneered by the man himself.

Focus on the quality of the content since content is king – Rohit Mehta imparts value through content that stands out and is based on tried and tested methods that generate more leads, revenue and traffic. Having spearheaded several promising and growth oriented digital campaigns, his expertise enables him to deep dive into the basics of teaching his followers from scratch. Rohit is today leading with Digital Gabbar and it has been possible because thousands of individuals have shown their faith in the highly rewarding content that is being shared on the digital platform, hence, he believes that unless people trust the value that you give, you can never succeed. The most focus should be put on your content and its suitability to the target audience.

Trust the process, numbers take time -Although it is necessary to continuously measure your success and make the needful changes, it should be understood that getting yourself placed on the internet takes time, perseverance and patience. One needs to wait for long before they can reap the benefits of consistently creating content online, the visionary Rohit Mehta believes that one should be foresighted to continue working towards the direction of providing better value and you will certainly find success.

Consistent upgradation of the ‘internet skills’- Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is related to better placing of content digitally that does the marketing for any website, page, brand, individual etc, therefore one needs to keep themselves abreast of all the trends in the digital world to cap the market. When Rohit began his journey, he started from blogging to trying out new skill sets that has positioned him as a top performing digital marketer, therefore, it is extremely necessary to build on the ever changing skills in the digital world to always cater to your audience in a robust manner. Rohit himself from knowing nothing to blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, SEO etc, he was relentlessly trying to earn high paying skills to lead a remarkable future.

In a nutshell, the holistic learnings that Rohit shares with his followers is one of a kind and is exemplary of his magnanimity as a reputed author, blogger and digital marketer. His skills and expertise has given him overarching success which is testimony of his hard work, courage and confidence in his abilities which has made this digital Gabbar a name that is synonymous to practical learning and wholesome growth.


Rohit Mehta is an Indian Blogger-cum-Journalist, Author and Entrepreneur. He have been in digital marketing & IT sector for over 10 years, running his own digital agency, working for thousands of clients and projects.